How important is ART??

Obviously very much to the people that designed the Augarten hotel. As for me, I love art and this hotel has some great art pieces. Located in Graz, Austria this hotel is a landmark. It contains art from 30 different artists and they're displayed throughout the hotel. As you can see in these photos. Nice bright colors that lift your mood, exactly what you need when you're on vacation!



  1. Love art so much and to have art displayed in a hotel is such a great idea. nice change of pace when you're on vacation. good post!


  2. Art is so important but it is such a personal thing. I can't say I like it just because someone tells me it's good.

  3. That's it!
    I'm painting my crappy old desk a "chinese red" colour!
    Love these pics!

  4. BM, doesn't it make a huge difference?? red is so daring..

  5. AnonymousMay 29, 2007

    The historic city centre of Graz was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in more


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