Gemma's Vintage Wardrobe...(Via Made By Girl)

I've always loved the idea of having a walk-in wardrobe.  Not a walk-in closet but an ENTIRE room where I could get dressed & store all my handbags, clothes, and so on!
Know what I mean?? Aren't those the coolest??  

Well, fellow blogger and reader of Made By Girl, Gemma Thomas has one of these pretty ward robes and was kind enough to share it with all of us! Her closet space gives off a powerful vintage vibe, don't you think??  

I'm not surprised because Gemma runs an online boutique full of vintage home wares & novelty gifts! She also blogs at Love Gemsy, where you can learn a bit more about her and the things she's working on!

For those of you STILL CRAVING more amazing closets, check out this one belonging to Jenny here.

-images via Love Gemsy

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Gen's Closet...(Via Made By Girl)

Friday is finally here & it seems like the cold I had is going away, thank God! It sucks to be sick no?? 

Luckily, I have a great guy who helps with everything & was nice enough to come home on his lunch break to make me SOUP & a RED VELVET cupcake! That was the best part of being sick I have to say.....the rest was just blah...

However, thanks to all of you who commented here, on my Twitter & emailed me sending me well wishes, I appreciate it! A couple weeks ago I asked if any of you had an interesting closet that you'd want to have featured here on Made by Girl! 

A few of you emailed, but I think many of you were a bit shy about submitting...perhaps you think your closet isn't nice enough?? I say don't worry, send what you have!!  I, along with my intern will select the ones we like & post them here! Today.... I'd like to introduce you to Gennifer a fellow blogger who blogs at Gen's Favorite.

Here is Gen describing her closet situation in her own words: 

Of course I wish my closet were "oodles" bigger, but....I do love that it is colorful and charming and reflects my personality!! My shoes are stored in clear boxes  and displayed on a great vintage bamboo etagere- so very easy to see! I use vintage dishes and colorful lacquer boxes to display my jewelry on top of the dresser so I can easily grab what I need when getting dressed! And, I pin up outfit and make-up tear sheets near my mirror for inspiration!!!

-images by Gen
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More of my NYC Trip....

BlogFest was a nice event and for only $100 per person to attend, it was a great deal! I enjoyed the short time I attended, which was only the first day. So, that means I can't get really in depth - but I will tell you that I'll probably attend next year as well! We were all introduced to editors from several magazines, including House Beautiful and Veranda

The first event was mostly introductions as well as a nice delicious lunch on the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower hosted by House Beautiful Magazine!  

Below I'm posting pics of the event along with other places I visited while in the city! Enjoy!

Me, Sue DeChiara of The Zhush, Abbe Fenimore of studioten25, Beth Dotolo of PulpDesignStudio, Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista

above: gift bags given to all os us at the end of the first event! 
below: My pedicure and the peep toe leopard heels I wore on the first day of BlogFest!

below: bracelets galore!!!  A stop at Lord & Taylor was much needed, I left with a few bangles. It's a shame that we don't have so many options here in Las Vegas. I went crazy when I saw the vast selection they had in this one department store!! 

below: I've spotted these studded bracelets all over the place, except here in las vegas. So the minute I saw them in NY, I had to buy one!

I really loved this all black Starbucks storefront. 

below: We ate at this cool spot in Soho called Boom. Lovely Italian dishes & a large skylight in the back.

below: Of course I had to make a stop at Magnolia Bakery. This was my first time ever in this amazing bakery. In fact..... it was so close to my hotel- and I had no idea!!  I always knew about the one located downtown, so this was a nice surprise as I was walking around midtown. They actually have four locations in the city, you can find them all here.

below: I bought these for my mom...

below: The best storefronts are in Soho....

below: my guy and I had lunch at Maze by Gordon Ramsey - which was delicious. Highly recommend it! 

below: I could not leave NYC without visiting the MOMA. Here I am standing in front of a Picasso painting, I was so taken aback...I love ART.

below: this exhibit at the MOMA blew my mind. For all of you who know the iconic 'I LOVE NY' logo by Milton Glaser, they also had the piece of paper he first scribbled his idea on. Very cool. 

below: Corrado on the upper east side was a great place to visit for cappuccino. One of the best I've had in the city. This location was on 70th & Lexington Avenue. Anyone else been there?

below: my guy waiting to hail a cab....right before it started raining, again!!

-most images by jen ramos

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Front Doors on The Upper East Side...

Hello everyone! I'll be posting a few more NYC pics and maybe even some of the BlogFest event this week, so stay tuned! 

As many of you know, a FRONT DOOR can really make a statement. I mean just walking through my old neighborhood on East 64th street was front door HEAVEN!  

Soooo, I decided to shoot some of my favorites, so you could understand what I mean. If you haven't seen the doors on some of these brownstone/town homes on the upper east side- you must visit! What a treat! 

It definitely got me thinking about my own FRONT door & how I could spice things up!  The crappy part is that we have an HOA- so we can't even paint the darn thing any color! Don't you just love HOA's??!!?

Current color is dark brown -YUCK... I know. However, I have hope that one day I'll be able to add a nice kick plate & a fancy door knocker! Enjoy! 

This one below was always one of my favorites. It's super modern!  I would find myself staring at it every time I walked by....wondering WHO LIVES THERE?!?
Ahhh...... till we meet again upper east side.

-Images by jen ramos
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