Madeline Weinrib.....amazing textile designer.

I'm a BIG fan of Madeline Weinrib's textile deigns. I've been on the hunt for cushions lately for my new sofa and for my white upholstered sofa in my main living room. Madeline's designs are brilliant & I hope to one day have a couple of her cushions in my own home. Unfortunately, I don't know of any shops here in Las Vegas that carries them. However, if you're looking to get a hold of some, take a peek at the locations section of her site for your town. Lovely!!

My Main living room sofa (below)

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A Scream of a Party !!!!!

I love Halloween & Savers has several DIY decor ideas as well as how-to instructions. These project are so ideal for those of you who are throwing a Halloween party at your place this year! Here's the link to download any of the decor below!

Dolls of the Living Dead

Pumpkin Ornaments & Place Cards
Spooky Ceramics
Sinister Ceramics Door

Festive T-shirt Wreath & Peculiar Picture Frames

Batty Photo Backdrop

Forgotten Flowers centerpiece

Ghoulish Goblets
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Friday Goodies.....

Here's a list of 'Friday goodies' for you to check out! On my wish list is the Du Barry Trellis yellow cushion from Heals UK - but I may be out of luck, because I don't think they ship to the USA. Have a lovely Friday, Saturday & Sunday everyone! Thanks for reading my blog. :)

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