He's not into me???

Anyone else anticipating this film? I never read the book, but the movie reminds me of those days when I was single. Did he Myspace me?, Facebook me? or text me?? I have to check all three hang on....! Sooo, February 6th, I re-scheduled all my appointments, because I will be out at the movies....ha!

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith Boutique Hotel Collection (Book Review)

Mr & Mrs Smith, are the boutique hotel specialists representing the coolest, sexiest and most intimate places to stay around the world. I was sent this delightful book to review here on my blog & perhaps you can add this one to your collection. The book has about 359 pages & it is a definitive guide if you're looking for a romantic hideaway in Paris or Rome, a chic country retreat in Southwest Provence or an elegant Urban beach retreat in Santa Monica, California. The Global Shortlist is the 5th in a series of stylish coffee table books from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and the first to be published in the USA.

The book also highlights the best shops, picnic spots & a bunch of other things worth getting out of your hotel bed for! Makes a perfect coffee table book as well...I recommend it!

*Here's a cool EXTRA*:

With the purchase of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Boutique Hotel book, you get an exclusive membership card, giving you access to special offers & extras at hundreds of hotels within this collection! I have my card...now I just need to plan the vacation! : )

Buy your copy here.
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Madonna's chair?? Not exactly...

Okay, it's official, I bought my cute little office chair (that I blogged about here) It's not the same one Madonna is sitting in, but....how about I just surprise everyone when it arrives?? My butt is aching in my current chair, probably due to the fact that the cushion is soooo worn out! Go figure. I've had my current chair for 2 years...its time to go! Great way to start the New Year- new chair!

* P.S. If you haven't already, please comment on the giveaway here......deadline is Feb 2. Winners will be announced!
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GIVEAWAY- Where do you shop??

One of my sponsors -Fashion Luvr is kind enough to offer 4 giveaways to all my readers & the prizes are Made By Girl cards & one print!

UPDATE: The 4 winners will be announced on Monday Feb. 2nd after 5:30pm PST.  : )

*What we need from you is:
  • A comment with your favorite fashion sites, (blogs or stores) & if it's a store, then list what your favorite brand is at that store.
  • PLEASE leave out the big sites stores like Neimans, Macys, Shopbop, etc. since most people know about those sites already. So, if it's a small boutique you LOVE to shop at, even better!
  • 4 winners will be randomly selected on February 2nd. Each winner will be able to choose which set of cards they want from A, B, or C (each set includes 3 cards).
  • The 4th person will also be randomly selected, but will win the hand-silk screened print in Lemon (printed on Recycled stock). Good Luck!




BELOW: 4th winner will receive: The Love Candy Screen Print in Lemon

All products are from my shop- Made By Girl.
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Peek into Famapa's home...

You can always gather INSPIRATION from another person's home, even if you don't like their style. Perhaps you just like the color of their walls or maybe the way they hang their art. Either way, inspiration can easily be found if you just look. Hope you enjoy Famapa's home in London and gather some inspiration for your own! Check out the blog here.

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Jane Schouten's home in the Netherlands...

I adore Jane Schouten's home. Her style is colorful with lots of unique, completely hand-made items within her home. She is also the owner of a little shop called 'All the Luck in the world' based out of The Netherlands. I like the fact that everything in her store has either been found, made or re-styled which in turn makes it recycled. Check out her shop and Flickr page as well.

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I seriously need a new office chair ...

Deciding on a new chair for my little workspace in my office. I sit there when I'm working from my laptop usually....and need something pretty & comfy. I can always add a cushion if I needed to, like I have now. The current chair I have I purchased from Target about 2 years ago and i think it was only $80. I can afford to spend a little more this time around, but I didn't want to go past $250. Any suggestions? I LOVE white, but is it practical?? Will it get too dirty? or should I just get black? What kind of desk chair do you have?? I'd love to read your comments.

UPDATE: I bought one of these chairs, but I will reveal it when it arrives! :) Thank you sooo much to everyone for your suggestions.

(BELOW): My desk area in my office/studio.
I am leaning toward the white chairs, but may change my mind. I don't care for a colorful chair as much because I can always add a colorful cushion.

1. Grey mesh chair 2. Bungie chair 3. Burgundy Chair 4. White Conference chair 5. White Chair here or here 6. Bungie low back chair 7. Team office chair
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Hey Home.....!

Hey Home is a company from Denmark and it seems they are interior stylists, maybe even photographers. If anyone can read what it says on their site, please feel free to leave some info in the comments section. Either way, they have amazingly vivid photographs & beautiful work! Two talented women are behind this company it seems. Their style reminds me a lot of one of my favorite books by Selina Lake, Bazaar Style. Enjoy!


Bazaar Style
Book by Selina Lake. One of the the prettiest & most inspirational books I own! Highly recommended. Available here.

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Ruthie Designs.....totally cute!

I just bought this cute 5x7 print on the left & was happy to see the other 3 in my mailbox as well! Thanks to Kimberly from Ruthie Designs for sending a few extra ones my way! I am currently in the process of putting some art together for my family room wall and I think these would be perfect! if you have art you'd like to show me, please email me. For now, visit Kimberly's Etsy page here to see more of her BEAUTIFUL art!

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Hey Sweetie, whatcha want for V-DAY?

Valentines Day is approaching.....What will you be getting your sweetheart?? Here are a few ideas. Enjoy!

(BELOW: Mini- Love print by Sarah Ryan Studio)

( BELOW: Jess Gonacha Gocco Prints)

(BELOW: Pink Grapefruit Style)

(BELOW: MadeByGirl Valentine's Day Cards)

(BELOW: Fun Banner by Bird & Bear)

(BELOW: Lush Designs)

(BELOW: Personalize a Pillow by Olive)

(BELOW: Love Candy print by Made By Girl)

(BELOW: Spanish Endearment Necklace by Anne Kiel)

(BELOW: Lavender Bags)

(BELOW: Pistachio Press)

(BELOW: Yee Haw Cards)

(BELOW: Love Listography by Lisa Nola)

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