A man's guide to looking good...(Book review)

The Handbook of Style: A Man's Guide to Looking Good from the Editors of Esquire Magazine and published by Hearst Books is a must-have for all men. This book is not about trends but more about style. Think Fred Astaire in two-tone shoes, Cary Grant in impeccably tailored suits, Al Capone in pinstripes, Mick Jagger in skinny pants, the Beatles in Chelsea boots, or even Albert Einstein in his V-Neck sweater over an open-collar shirt. All these men have one thing in common, "Taste".

All men have the potential to create their own individual look to distinguish himself amongst the crowd and women love men who know how to dress themselves. The book is packed with handy illustrations and begins with a discussion on how to buy a suit, then goes on to discuss the anatomy of 'The Perfect Suit' (the only suit you'll need for work, weddings, funerals, parties & everything in between). After reading through most of the Handbook of Style I have a much better understanding and appreciation for a man's wardrobe....plus it gives me an advantage when I buy clothing as a gift for my guy. If you're familiar with Esquire's 'The BIG Black Book' (which was very successful) then you'll love this one!

Published by Hearst Books
Pages: 240
Price: $14.95 or less on Amazon.

Thanks again to my contact for sending this book out to me.


  1. I know quite a few guys who could stand to get their hands on this! Trouble is, the ones who could use the advice the most are generally the least likely to take it! So probably I'd buy this book for myself and dream about having a best guy friend who does my fashion bidding ;)


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