Guest Blog: Liana from MixedPlate (7 Things on My Wish List for 2009)

Aloha, Made by Girl fans! This is Liana from Mixed Plate. I was so excited and honored that Jennifer asked me to be a guest on her amazing and inspirational blog (visiting Made by Girl makes me happy!). She requested that I put together a little list of a few things that are on my wish list for the New Year. Ah, so many things to choose from! I decided to stick to what I normally gravitate toward: the handmade. Hope you enjoy these!

1) It’s a mustache. On a stick. I love it have had this on my wish list for some time now. Everything that Something’s Hiding in Here makes is great, but the mustaches on a stick (this one is “the bartender”) are my favorite!

2) Oh, If I only had an apartment that actually allowed me to hang things on my walls!
I really like the look of old keys and these vintage wall hangings at Fabulous Mess are pretty cool.

3) If you know me from Mixed Plate, you’ll know that I’m a Hawaii gal who recently relocated to San Francisco. I don’t have to tell you that the weather is a little confusing for me, as is how to dress myself each day. I think this sweater by wearflock would keep me warm!
4) I love collecting all sorts of art prints and posters at every craft show I attend and online. I adore the simplicity of this one by Christopher David Ryan.

5) Meleana’s bags are always on my list of favorite things. She’s a Hawai¢i wahine like me and since living away from home I always crave a little bit of that aloha feeling. Check the roominess of this Holoholo bag.

6) This lovely red wool hat not only looks like it would keep the noggin warm, but it also is super stylish and the color pops for that little something extra for any outfit. The fabulous folks of Hat House and Little Houses have done it again!

7) Orange Beautiful has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I mean, just check out this booklet. It’s perfect to throw in your bag to jot down random thoughts and to help get your “stuff” together and organized.

Aloha and Mahalo!



  1. Nice post, and oh I just love the word 'noggin' !
    I resolve to use it more this year ;)

  2. I want those keys...but they are sold out..dangit!

  3. That heart print is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long long while.

  4. Great stuff, I'll add that to the to do list! The coat would have been great in NY last week. Love the 'get your $h*t together' too, it's good daily reminder = =]
    Happy new year girls!

  5. Cool pics.

    I love the heart print!

  6. those vintage keys are so beautiful! great post

  7. omg - that sweater is FAB! awesome find. :)


  8. good stuff....great inspiration

  9. Olá!! FELIZ ANO NOVO!!

    Adorei tudo no post, mas fiquei louca pelas chaves de cerâmica!

  10. I love your blog..i found it on looking for friends to read my blog ..can you check it out and leave comments?
    Can i add you to my blog roll? im 18 but i lave friends of all ages and im VERY mature,i promise!!!

  11. I found this great item on etsy, which is similar to the moustache on a stick, but this one is on a pencil! I think it would be much more convenient to carry a pencil,lol, and it looks a tad more normal than carrying a stick around! lol.

    hehe.. fun times..

  12. I like this list, especially the last part about the motivation cards! Something I definately need myself!

  13. Love them all, especially the "get your sh*t together!"

  14. Love the hoodie! Super cute!

  15. I'm also in San Francisco and that sweater would be perfect. It is sooo cute, I will have to order one.

  16. love the hawaiian tote!


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