The Ellie Bag by Rubie Green...

Have you seen the new Ellie Bag over at Rubie Green?? I received mine a few days ago in the mail & I love how pretty & girly it is! It's definitely bigger than I thought it was going to be (8.5" x 5", as you can see in the pics I took with my aviators).  The particular fabric used, is from Rubie Green's popular East Village collection & one of my all time favorites!  The bag is definitely very can use it for makeup,  sunglasses & more!  Get your own Ellie Bag here.

Whatever you're doing...have a great weekend!

Below: Rubie Green's East Village Upholstery fabric in Raspberry

top 2 images by jen ramos

bottom 2 images by rubie green

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Interior Designer Julie Richard's Home Tour

I'm so excited to share Julie Richard's home with all of you. She is an Interior Designer based out of Salem, MA & was gracious enough to send some pics my way.  I feel very drawn to her work, she's got such a great eye for design & color!  She'll soon be launching her interior design site, Shelter and I'm very much anticipating it's arrival online!  

Julie also teaches ID at two area colleges in Massachusetts. Lucky students! I took a few courses in Interior Design in the past & I can assure you my teacher didn't have a portfolio that looked anything like Julie's.... or I probably would have stuck to the program! You can also view her blog, which is filled with all kind of goodies! 

(click on photos for larger image)

images by Molly Ferguson

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Interior Design books ....My Weakness.

When was the last time you bought a good coffee table book? I feel like I'm ALWAYS BUYING one or two books month. Whether they are old or new releases...I buy them.  It's one of my weaknesses, what can I say? Below are a few I purchased this month.
Books Do Furnish A Room by Leslie Geddes-Brown
The title of this book alone.... stretched across the page drew me in! This book reveals how books can enhance the look & atmosphere of any home. It talks about different ways of arranging as well as stylish storage & lighting solutions. My favorite part was the tips it provided on how to combine books with other objects in the home - giving it some added interest! 
Published by Merrell

Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers
with foreword by Michael Kors.

And to my surprise, look what was peeking under the Glamorous Rooms jacket cover !! Don't you just love this faux leopard print? Very CHIC!

Monochrome by Paula Rice Jackson
Published by Random House Books

I'm still WAITING for the arrival of 3 or 4 more books. They really put me in a good mood and of course I love to share these titles with all of you!  If you're shopping for coffee table books, I'd definitely recommend either of these.

Are you fascinated with books too?  Do you have any of these?  I'm a real SUCKER for interior design books, especially if it has an appealing photo on the cover!  The Glamorous Rooms cover really did it for me, I had to get it for my collection! 

images by jen ramos 

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Photographer, Elisabeth Hudson's Ex-Home Tour

How many times have you seen a home & felt instantly inspired??  Well, this happens to me quite often. It doesn't help that I frequent book stores, design blogs & always read design magazines like Elle Decor, Loft Life, Living Etc. Inspirational Spaces, a blog by Elisabeth Hudson (out of Olso, Norway), did just that for me. Instantly inspired! I found her blog before I did my office makeover & the bookshelf in her home (which she recently put on the market & sold) was the reason why I designed the bookshelf in my office.

Have you ever been instantly inspired where you wanted to re-create something you saw??

(click on photos for larger image)

Elisabeth Hudson shot all these amazing photos of her home before she sold it.  There's a lot of white, but I hear that's typical in several foreign countries no? Anyway, I love this home in so many ways. Her furniture alone, captivates  me....and I hope it inspires you as well. Thank you Elisabeth for sharing the place you once called home, with all of us.

Elisabeth shoots for several of the top interior magazines & she works both as a writer & photographer. You can find more of her work here.

Have you ever been instantly inspired where you wanted to re-create something you saw??

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New Prints from my Made By Girl shop !!

My company, Made By Girl recently launched this set of prints called "Hello & Love Languages".  I designed these with today's modern home in mind...fitting quite nicely together as shown in the image of my home below.  If you love bold typography, this will be one print you don't want to miss out on. Since the launch (a few weeks ago) they've been flying off the shelves.  Right now, we have 2 options available, a screen print (gray letters) or digital print (white letters). So, why did I choose these particular languages for the prints?? These languages actually represent the fifteen highest traffic countries on my blog!

Did you notice the LOVE & HELLO hiding in gray within in each print?? 

(Above: Available with white letters as a digital print)

(Below: Available with gray letters as a screen print)

I designed the Hello Languages typography print (below) with entryways in mind. It's such a cool print to have in your home and at the same time to welcome your guests!

images: jen ramos

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Reader's - Dream Kitchen in Malaysia...

One of my readers, Sonja, sent me these amazing pics of her kitchen! (It's also the kitchen I hope to have one day- modern & all white).  She just moved into this super modern condo in Malaysia with her husband & is now in the process of decorating it to fit her style. Did you notice the unbelievable view & how much light comes in from the floor to ceiling windows in this kitchen??  It must be so peaceful to live up that high. I am now going to be visiting her blog to see the progress of her decor and how it all turns out.

You can visit Sonja's blog, Tied with a Bouw here.

(click on photos for larger image)

These DIY book covers (below) were made by Sonja.  I really love how they add some color & personality to her sleek & modern kitchen!

images: sonja

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Sunday Potstickers at my home...

My husband was taught by his mom to make potstickers when he was a little boy.  He literally makes them from scratch, ONE BY ONE....dough & all.   I don't know how he does it, but he looks so calm & focused. They are super YUMMY.... I'll get him to post the recipe soon... 

Anyone else out there know how to make potstickers?

below: tofu & broccolini

images: husband

UPDATE: Potsticker recipe from my husband, Mat.

Traditionally put ground pork (about 2/3#) with 1.5C finely chopped napa cabbage, 1/4C scallion, 2T tamari or soy sauce, 1t sesame oil. Mix well. You can exchange the meat for any other meat or tofu or veggies, but add some oil to keep the juiciness.

Simple unbleached flour and water combination - knead it for about 10 minutes - should be just slightly sticky and very elastic. Let it rest 10 minutes. Roll into a long tube about 1 inch thick and cut 1/2" pods. Flatten each to a very thin 3"-4" disc. Powder lightly with flour.

With each disc, put a full rounded teaspoon of meat. Pinch two opposite ends together then working from that point, pleat the dough to each end so the dumpling forms a slighly curved shape.

Heat frying pan (cast iron if you have, others work okay) on medium-high with 2-3T high-heat oil (like peanut). Place potstickers into pan - they can be close to each other - and brown the bottoms (about 5-6 mins). Put about 1C water and cover, allowing the dumplings to steam for 6-7 mins. Uncover and let water evaporate off but don't burn.

We've traditionally eaten them with a mix of tamari and a vinegar (cider, red wine or rice).

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Byrd & Bleecker shop: stationery, books, kids art & more.

I'm so glad I came across Byrd and Bleecker.  This shop is inviting & offers many unique items such as letter press stationery, coffee table books, children's artwork & more! It's conveniently located in Fort Worth, Texas (another Texas discovery), for all you Texans who are looking for a hip shop to visit. I love these types of stores! They are charming & are are the kinds of businesses you feel proud to have in your neighborhood.  If anyone has visited Byrd and Bleecker, please let us all know what you thought. 

A for me, I'm going to relax & take in some good food as well as some much-needed quality time with my husband. We actually saw Valentine's Day last week, so I don't think movies are in our forecast this weekend. And yes, we did enjoy the movie!  

Do you have any interesting plans this weekend??

Do you have any interesting plans this weekend??

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