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I am back at my friend's home(while my internet connection gets fixed) and wanted to share a couple blogs I really LOVE reading lately! One is Just Lia, her blog is extremely candid, (which I admire) & with plenty of quotes to inspire! Check it out.

Then there is Sunlit Skies - similar feel.....I could read it for hours. Just a different type of blog for those who enjoy thoughts, quotes and interesting photos! Enjoy!

AND ANOTHER blog I love called Finally Seeing. (below)

**ALSO, i just added at the top left of my blog, "FOLLOW MY BLOG" please include yourself if you follow my blog. If you have a picture - I'd love to see it there! : )

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Trouble with Internet

Hello everyone ... sorry about the lack of posts. I'm having trouble with my connectivity at home. I will be back as soon as the problem is fixed and I will be posting a giveaway soon, thanks to Chronicle Books. Stay tuned. I am currently posting from a friend's computer.
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I've always been drawn to creative people. Trixiedelicious is all about being creative! Take a PEEK at some of their other vintage plates & cups and you'll see what I mean. Did people just get more & more creative as the years went by?? I don't remember anything like this when I was a young girl. Stuff like this is appearing everywhere, from headboards, note cards to dishware. I think its great!

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If you are in Las Vegas....

****UNLV Students For Obama Convention Watch Party****

Even though I AM a student , BUT not of UNLV.....I WILL be attending this event. Please come by to watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic Nomination for President. Come join other Students & Young Professionals as we hang out enjoy some great food and drinks.

TIME: Thursday, August 28 at 6:00 PM - 3 hours
LOCATION: Stephano's 4632 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89119
DIRECTIONS: In the Starbucks parking lot across the street from the UNLV Student Union.

You can view the details of this event at any time by going to this link.


I was at an OBAMA event earlier today and it was quite informative and touching. I was shocked at how much more OBAMA has planned for AMERICA then I thought. I have lots of paperwork and gathered so much more info that will be beneficial for us all. Yay!
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ART by Dead Pony = L-O-V-E

Raphael is a self-taught illustrator who works out of Brussels, Belgium. He is one of my top 3 FAVORITE illustrators. To me, his work is exceptional, emotional & raw... & I sooooo wish he'd send me a FREE print. : ) Here are a few of the ones I LOVE......I wanted to share with you. Please visit his awesome site at My Dead Pony to see many, many, many more of his beautiful pieces. AND yes, they are for sale!! (Have a lovely weekend)!

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