I'm still going to do this...

For those of you who thought I had forgotten about this post , I REALLY didn't. I've just been so busy to even think about choosing a FABRIC for my new sofa. BUT, I've been thinking that I may just go with a 'solid color' and place several cushions with different patterns on it. (Similar to the picture below). I have yet to decide on a color though, and as much as I like white, I think it will get dirty after a few months. Soooooo, a darker color fabric is what I may go with. What do you think? Any thoughts? ALSO: I am still going to to do the GIVEAWAY, I have to look through the comments to see who was the most accurate on the fabric selection.

(image via Mermag)


  1. Oh wow! Love it! I'm picking out a neutral couch for my lilac living room and I'm going with bright jewel tone pillows as well. That kinda describes your blog, its a jewel-tone box full of candy!

  2. You can't go wrong with neutral, and I love the pillows idea. I can't wait to see the before-and-after!

    P.S. Your apt looks awesome...love those windows!!

  3. Yes!!!!!!
    Solid!!!! and no white!!!
    I sow some in bright colors, turquoise or yellow!!!!

  4. Thanks ! BUT that picture isn't of my apartment...my house photos are at this link:


  5. Love the idea of a solid couch with bold pillows in different patterns and fabrics. Can't wait to see what you decide on.

  6. Fantastic! If you can find a table like this, then anything goes!

  7. Can you tell us what is written on the red painting near the kitchen entryway? Seems very unique!

  8. Fabulous photo.. I don't think you can go wrong with going neutral and then dressing it up.. although I'm always a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to bold fabric on big pieces. But with fun pillows you get the same effect!

  9. Wow, I love the neutral fabric (hemp would be cool) in this image, you can always drape a suzani or the like over the seat and dress it up with pillows...keep us posted!


  10. i think a solid neutral color is the way to go- reupholstering will be pricey and you don't wanna get sick of it and have to recover it again right away!

    are you thinking more gray or more on the beige/brown side?

    i think i pretty charcoal gray- but not too dark would look great.

  11. i like a putty grey in velvet


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