Guest Blogger: Carrie from Bloomacious- (7 Must-haves for your New Years party)

I’m Carrie Leber and my magazine, Bloomacious is a mix of style news and ideas. The amazing MadeByGirl herself, Jennifer thought I might have a few thoughts for must haves for New Year’s partying. I’ve been to a few of these over the years and I must say that while you can go way over the top, there are a few ingredients make it a night like no other:

1) You simply must have at least two gals who love to holler, particularly after they’ve gotten a few drinks in them. While you may tire, or want to sneak off into a quiet dark corner at some point – the party gals will act as cheerleaders for your guests, keeping them perked up and entertained until at least midnight.

2) Something really spectacular to drink – can be either alcoholic or non, and not necessarily super expensive – it should just be a combination that’s a little unusual like Proseco with a float of Frambois, or sparkling cider spiked with cherry juice. Let your imagination guide you.

3) No matter where you are, the quintessential New Year’s moment is when the ball drops in Times Square. If you don’t have at least one TV in the vicinity of your party, guests will get restless wondering what’s going on in the Big Apple. Don’t torture them – just tune in. Sound off or on.

4) Wear high heels. These are from Jimmy Choo.

5) Don’t let the music stop for a moment on New Year’s and don’t fool yourself into playing romantic or orchestral tunes. People want to dance and act out. Rock with as many disco hits as you can gather for the big night.

6) Like your heels, your dress should be scandalous. This doesn’t mean expensive, but when you look back at the pictures from the night years later you’ll want to fondly remember how great you felt in your outfit.

7) If you incorporate no other decoration into the evening, dim the lights and spark up as many candles as you can get your hands on. It’s instant magic!

8) Most important, scope out your kissing partner for midnight early. It can be a lover, baby, dog, or doll – just make sure you love them enough to want to make the jump into the new year with them.
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Guest Blogger: Ericka from JuBella (7 Things I loved this Month)

Hi everybody, it's Ericka here from JuBella. I want to thank Jen for having me over as a guest blogger while she is out and about! Jen asked me to share 7 things that I'm loving this month (just 7 Jen? Ok, I'll try...LOL), so here they are...Enjoy!

Header Image by: Mkendall

1. Homemade Hot Cocoa: No need to buy powdered cocoa again, all you need is some melted decadent chocolate and milk (I use almond milk). Super yummy & cozy!

2. The Gentle Art of Domesticity: Stitching, Baking, Nature, Art & The Comforts of Home by Jane Brocket: Homemaking made pretty. This book is gorgeous and filled with inspiring eye candy!

3. Artful Blogging Magazine: Swoon...I picked up a copy of this magazine recently and it is so worth subscribing to!

4. Lei Li Loo Appliqued Dish Cloths: what can I say, I have a thing for tea towels & such, and these are so very pretty to me!

5. Gingerbread Men Macarons by Tartelette: Pure genius! If you have not checked out this blog, it is a definite read & filled with the most tasty and creative recipes & photos!

6. Bohemian Abodes: What I wouldn't give to be able to create in such a space!
Image from: Apartment Therapy

7. Sandra Banava's Citronella: Color Theory: Collections.
So colorful and rich!
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Guest Blogger: Karina from El Beso Blog (5 places to spend New Year's Eve)

Hi, this is Karina from El Beso happy to be posting for Made by girl about 5 places I would love to spend new year eve if I could, I hope you enjoy my picks.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is a super chic destination, terrific place to start the new year in a super stylish and glamorous way.

Rio de Janeiro

I would love to spend new eve there wearing a white dress and at midnight through some flowers to the sea hoping that Lemanja goddess accepts them and concedes my secrets wishes.
Photo source here.


Source katie and carson Prague is known as the most romantic city all over the world, I can image myself looking the fireworks from a beautiful bridge and kissing my husband.

New York

Photo source here
Everybody dreams about spending new year eve there.


Photo source here.
It would be terrific stay in Tokyo for New year eve and in January 2 visit the imperial palace , it is open to the public just two days every year and January 2 is one of them.

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Guest Blogger: Melissa from Lil Bee (6 Things To Buy For Your Home This New Year)

Hi MBG readers! Lil Bee here. When Jen asked me post about some items I'd like to buy for my home in '09, I was thrilled! Not only am I a big fan of Jen's work and blog, but I've just moved to my first home outside of NYC and have been working 'round the clock to furnish it. So, here goes. I'd like...

Rose Tabletop Clock from Urban Outfitters.

Orion Bowls by Noi from Maxwell-Silver.

Blue Opalescent Tumblers from Anthropologie.

Brooklyn Bridge Pillow from Urban Outfitters. A little something to remind me of the city I love so much...

Hope you enjoyed my picks, and feel free to stop by mi casa anytime. Thanks again, Jen!
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Guest Blogger: Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere (6 New Year Must-Haves)

I'm Emily, from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and I'm so thrilled that Jennifer invited me to write a guest post on MadeByGirl while she's away. Since 2009 is just around the corner, I've compiled a list of my six must-haves for the new year.

Seychelles - On the Wire, $104. The wooden heel on these pumps adds such an organic feel to this sexy pump.

TopShop - Sequin Swing Skirt, $110. I love this cotton candy colored skirt whose sequins add just a touch of old school glamour.

Banana Republic - Turquoise Hued Chandelier Earring, $39. I'd throw my hair up into a messy ponytail and add these sparkly stunners for an unexpected dash of color..

Rebecca Minkoff - Clutch, $330. The chain strap on this metallic clutch makes this the perfect option for a night out on the town.

Anthropologie - Long Forgotten Coat Rack, $168. I'm all about bringing natural elements from outdoors into my home.

Anthropologie - Atlantian Pitcher, $28. My goal is to get rid of all of my Ikea serving pieces and replace them with brightly colored things like this bubble-inspired pitcher.
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Guest Blogger: Cassandra of Coco+Kelley - (10 Last Minute Gifts for Guys)

Hey Everyone! Cassandra here from coco+kelley. I was thrilled when Jen asked me to contribute a little piece on last minute gifts for guys here on her fabulous blog. (Does this girl have style and talent or what?!) I find gift giving to be a huge challenge because I really like to keep it personal, so I hope that in my selections you'll find a little inspiration for ways to do that!

1. J. Crew Classic Messenger Bag: I always seem to end up shopping J. Crew for the holidays - from their classic sweaters to their smaller accessories, I don't think you can go wrong with a gift for your guy here! Check out "The Always List" for their best men's picks. My favorite is the classic messenger back. It will only get better with age (and hopefully, so will he!).

2. In it To Win it Card Case: For a business guy who takes things seriously... well, kinda. I'm in love with this classic case contrasted by casual writing and lots of personality. Why not slip him a little note inside too?

3. Every 'manly' man needs one of these. Or so I've been told. This classic pocket knife from the Sundance catalog is just gorgeous with its bone and brass detail, and the monogram makes it much more personal.

4. We could all use some cool pieces to dress up our workspace a bit, so why not go vintage and get him something one of a kind? Do a little search for 'vintage desk' on Etsy to find your own unique accessories? Try a brass scale for your lawyer, bookends for the classics lover, or vintage globes like this one for your world traveler.

5. For the guy who never (or always!) pays, I love these dice by Jack Spade. A perfect little stocking stuffer that leaves the bill up to chance.

6. The Nixon 51-30 watch is one of my favorite styles. Classic with a bit of an edge, this specific edition is only available at Barneys, and I adore the chocolate brown face details with the brushed stainless steel band.

7. We couldn't do a gift guide without an option for the sports lover! While season tickets and paraphernalia are always a good option, why not try something a little different? These ballpark cufflinks from Red Envelope are classy and contain a little piece of baseball history - each inset is crafted from an authentic seat from stadiums around the country! I'd take a Fenway pair myself...

8. Barware is another classic gift for the man in your life. I always like to go for swanky sets, monogrammed accessories or vintage goods. These decanters would be ideal for any cocktail connoisseur or entertainer. Find something that fits his personality and go with it!

9. We all know guys hate to grow up, so give him a print that let's him know he can still party with the best of them. This poster from CD Ryan should get the job done.

10. One of my best girlfriends has been dating a car lover for about a year now, and I think I'm going to have to recommend this book just for her! The Chapman's Car Compendium is a must have book of random trivia and car knowledge for any enthusiast.

-- luv&ciao!

cassandra lavalle

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Guest Blogger: Julie & Lindsey of Coveiter (Earth Friendly Holiday Finds)

Hi MadebyGirl readers! We're Julie & Lindsey and we run a style blog called Coveiter where we try and keep things green as much as possible. Jennifer asked us to share some of our favorite earth friendly holiday finds. So, we gathered some up to share with you today. Take a look:

Need something fashionable and friendly to the earth? For gifting or holiday wear, check out these Broken Blossoms Depression Glass Earrings or this Recycled T-shirt Pin. And, for more great fashionable finds that are good for the earth be sure to search: teamecoetsy on

For the home, recycled glasses have been popping up everywhere, but these Green Glass Tumblers are our faves. You could pair them with a wine barrel lazy susan, add a few eco-friendly candles and have a beautiful earth tablescape ready for holiday dinner.

You can also deck the halls with a recycled wreath. We spotted sweater wreaths, and although they aren't available any longer, it looks like a fun weekend project. For other signs of the season, snag a festive wreath made from recycled road signs.

Once you've found that perfect eco-friendly gift, there's no need for paper gift wrap—it just ends up in the trash! Buy Baggu bags in red or green and add some fun ribbon (recycled from years past) and you have packaging that won’t clog up landfills since the recipient can resuse it year round! Other options are reusing items we know you have around the house like those paper + plastic shopping bags you’ve acquired despite your efforts. A big thanks to Jennifer for letting us share these ideas with you..

Have a happy + eco-friendly holidays!

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This was too fun to pass by...

Ok, this isn't my Chase receipt, but I did live in New York city on first avenue & have visited this bank.  I remember on a few occasions when someone would leave their Atm receipt I'd look at the balance. Is that weird? I was just curious....I wanted to know how well off or broke I was in comparison to the person ahead of me in line. 

However, this receipt came from one of my favorite blogs Carolyn . Anna and I have to say, from all my curious days peeking at receipts I never came across this amount! I think the highest was $95,000.  I don't think this guy is worrying much about the economy, or is he?  Ha! Happy Holidays.

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The Bride in time for the Holidays!

Thanks to Sourcebooks for sending 'The Green Bride Guide' my way. Although I'm not getting married, I know someone who is & they could benefit from this book. This book is a great resource for soon-to be couples & talks about "how to create an earth-friendly wedding on any budget". 

Let's face it, we all know that anything that is good for us, is usually more expensive. So, when someone wants to write about how we can get what is good for me on MY BUDGET, I read it. In this book you'll find out how YOU can plan our 'special day' without sacrificing style or the environment! The author, Kate L. Harrison, offers up 100's of sustainable choices in one handy reference. She covers:
  • Earth-friendly Engagements
  • Green Gowns, Shoes & Veils
  • Giving & Receiving Green: Thank you gifts
  • Planning a great Earth-friendly Honeymoon
  • Low, medium and high-end choices in every category
  • And lots more...!
Pick up your copy here or give it as a gift.
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