Guest Blogger: Karina from El Beso Blog (5 places to spend New Year's Eve)

Hi, this is Karina from El Beso happy to be posting for Made by girl about 5 places I would love to spend new year eve if I could, I hope you enjoy my picks.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is a super chic destination, terrific place to start the new year in a super stylish and glamorous way.

Rio de Janeiro

I would love to spend new eve there wearing a white dress and at midnight through some flowers to the sea hoping that Lemanja goddess accepts them and concedes my secrets wishes.
Photo source here.


Source katie and carson Prague is known as the most romantic city all over the world, I can image myself looking the fireworks from a beautiful bridge and kissing my husband.

New York

Photo source here
Everybody dreams about spending new year eve there.


Photo source here.
It would be terrific stay in Tokyo for New year eve and in January 2 visit the imperial palace , it is open to the public just two days every year and January 2 is one of them.



  1. I say NEW YORK! I dont live there so thats why I say that. You cant go wrong. Everyone is in a great mood and its all about the new year in NY BABY!

  2. im going to Praha for NYE

  3. Great information on where to spend New Year's eve. Thanks for the information. Jonathan Klunk

  4. Looks really nice all of them, wish I could go!

  5. Great selection! thanks Karina!

  6. what a great place to go....good selection

  7. i would do new york. theres so much love there on new years!

  8. Great pics! I spent this New Years on Bondi Beach in Sydney - it was fabulous (from what I remember!)


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