The Bride in time for the Holidays!

Thanks to Sourcebooks for sending 'The Green Bride Guide' my way. Although I'm not getting married, I know someone who is & they could benefit from this book. This book is a great resource for soon-to be couples & talks about "how to create an earth-friendly wedding on any budget". 

Let's face it, we all know that anything that is good for us, is usually more expensive. So, when someone wants to write about how we can get what is good for me on MY BUDGET, I read it. In this book you'll find out how YOU can plan our 'special day' without sacrificing style or the environment! The author, Kate L. Harrison, offers up 100's of sustainable choices in one handy reference. She covers:
  • Earth-friendly Engagements
  • Green Gowns, Shoes & Veils
  • Giving & Receiving Green: Thank you gifts
  • Planning a great Earth-friendly Honeymoon
  • Low, medium and high-end choices in every category
  • And lots more...!
Pick up your copy here or give it as a gift.


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