Having My Own Business & Thoughts of...

I DAYDREAM about what Kate Spade (the office) would be like in person.

In fact, on my list of top 5 DREAM JOBS, Kate Spade is one of them!! (and I mean the headquarters) So there....I said it. 

Don't get me wrong, I love MY JOB!  Being my own BOSS, running my own business, making the final decisions, coming up with new ideas & communicating with my customers.  

However, there's STILL a part of me that YEARNS for a SOCIAL environment full of CREATIVE PEOPLE!  I mean, let's face it, working from a home studio can get a bit ISOLATING & sometimes it's even too quiet....even if you do work with 2 other people. 

 -images above by jen ramos
I'm sure some of you can relate to what I'm saying right??!?!? 

Often times I think I should just take a p/t position somewhere just to get out & socialize on a more consistent basis.....you know, beyond THE WEB!!  

Perhaps an experience like this would supply me with LOTS & LOTS of creative energy, who knows....but it does sound exciting & it's something I've contemplated since the beginning of this year. Ok, so I'm tempted...BUT would I really LOVE it?!?!? Perhaps I just need to find a good balance....

I've posted about Kate Spade a few times & can't get enough of their store. I'm thankful we have one here in town, even though it's not as grandiose as the NYC one.  It does still offer several of my fave items for purchase!  Last week I was surprised by a friend who gave me the Cobble Hill Zebra Wallet for my upcoming B-day in 2 months!  I also have to mention the packaging at Kate Spade....it's sooo colorful, bright & happy! I adore it!

-image below by jen ramos

How about you?? How do you feel working at home? Where would your other dream job be??

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Ceiling Medallions....(Made By Girl)

I've always been drawn to ceiling MEDALLIONS & as you can see, I have one in my home. The simple fact is, my ceiling medallion should have been LARGER!

....but I was so impatient, I just bought what was available at my local hardware store! The idea of replacing my medallion with another one is not an attractive option...I mean do you know how high my foyer ceiling is?!?!? 

The way I see it is.... medallions give chandeliers or pendants balance while transforming the ceiling & giving it a more architectural feel. If you plan on buying a medallion these days, expect them to be made from faux plaster or high-density polyurethane. 

You will RARELY find the REAL DEAL unless you buy an old brownstone in New York City & so on....but the good part about the way they're made these days is they are quite AFFORDABLE! So, buying 2-3 for your own home shouldn't break your bank!!
If you shop for a ceiling medallion & find the perfect one but realize it's NOT THE COLOR ...you can always spray paint it!!  That's what I did with mine. A great place to shop for interesting medallions is Shades Of Light. Above are a few of my faves from their shop!
 -above jenna Lyons home

How do you feel about ceiling medallions?? Do you have any in your home?? If so, where? Post a link to it if you like!

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Nadia Shows Us Her Nursery...

I LOVE looking at nurseries. Even though I don't have any babies of my own, it's always nice to see how people decorate a NURSERY. I've never done it, but one thing I know is that nurseries are NOT what they used to be! I remember when women would choose a PINK room for a girl & a BLUE room for a boy - it was that simple. Nowadays, nursery decor has come a long way!

Moms-to-be are thinking OUT OF THE BOX for their newborn babies - they're deciding on unique color schemes, less Disney & more original artwork instead.

I've been blessed that my ABC customized kids print has been chosen as part of decor for so many kids rooms. In fact I'm definitely seeing A LOT more creativity when it comes to children's rooms & it's always nice to know that the children themselves may pick up on that.

In this post, I'm highlighting a little BOY'S nursery. It's by Nadia of House 36 blog and as you can see...... it's not your typical BLUE room. 

So, what do you think? Do you prefer creativity in a kids room over the same ol' same ol??

A great book that I'd recommend for inspiration is Rooms For Kids by Susanna Salk & Kelly Wearstler. AND...Thank you Nadia!!
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Latest West Elm Purchase...

So, this past weekend I headed to West Elm to spend some of my design dollars $$$ & this is one of items I purchased. 

The Chevron duvet & shams were on my wishlist and so I got it! I actually ended up buying 3 shams because I liked them soo much! It's STILL on SALE - you can buy yours here!

So, what do you think? You like?

Above: image of my bed

below: via west elm
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1st EVER Cocoa & Hearts Giveaway...

Welcome back! How was your weekend? I've been missing NYC again, mainly that BIG city vibe. Some of you who live in suburbia like myself may know what I mean.... Oh well, back to work as usual. 
So, here I am bringing you a lovely GIVEAWAY- not mine, but from Linh over at La La Linh blog

The cool part is she's giving away one of my 8x10 Cocoa & Hearts paintings! What a generous thing for her to do!!  

You can go here to enter the giveaway, but please be kind & follow the rules. GIVEAWAY closes on July 14th! Good luck! 

 above: the painting that Linh is giving away! Thanks Linh!

-image by jen ramos
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Bought an iPad2 Case...or 2

I FINALLY jumped on the bandwagon & bought an iPad2 - and DANG, I wish I had thought about getting one before! These things are super cool! I was also on the hunt for the perfect case & realized in the process that the perfect case .......DOES not exist! My opinion, of course. 

Sooo, I decided to try out the Michael Kors clutch style case & my iPad fit inside like a charm! This thing is so chic looking & goes with all my outfits, from dressy to casual. It also has a sufficient amount of padding to protect your device & of course the snake print is just TIMELESS.....

It retails for about $130 at Net-a-Porter

Then I also ordered the Tory Burch black canvas case.  I admit, I was a bit hesitant at how much cleaning a canvas case would need, but it seems pretty ok so far! My favorite part of the case are the thick GOLD zippers, just gorgeous!! 

I also love that I can insert my iPad2 inside it like a book & just close it when I'm done! Super convenient. That's a feature this particular Michael Kors case doesn't have- but that's why I'm keeping both! 

I like having different options, just like with my handbags. Don't you?

Tory Burch case retails for $135 via Tory Burch.

So, tell me do you have either of these 2 cases? How do you like them??

-images by jen ramos
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Visiting West Elm This Weekend...

I'll be heading to West Elm this weekend to check out some of their new items! Plus I also have some design dollars.....you know, you get $25 for every $250 you spend! Hmmm, is that what they call them?!?!? Design dollars?!?

Of ALL the things thought......I'm really loving the NEW chevron duvet cover -it's not your average straight-lined chevron but a more wild looking one! What do you think about it?!? 

PLUS it's on SALE!! 

Also, West Elm sent me preview of what's to come this FALL at the shop, check it out below! Very exciting...enjoy!

-image by west elm

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My Darla...

Sometimes I like to deviate from design & beautiful things by highlighting the things I REALLY love in my life.....

I have two (adopted) boxers but Darla is the one I call my shadow.  She's a 6 yr old boxer who follows me everywhere & always waits for me when I'm getting ready in the morning (which at certain times can take looong, just ask my guy).  

No matter how long I take though... she sticks by me. She also loves to wait for me when I'm PAINTING, and sometimes even manages to get paint on her whiskers, but I don't think she minds.  I have to admit,  I LOVE her more & more each day...

Do you have any pets?? What are their names?

-image by my guy

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