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I've been occupied with soooo many other things that I neglected to take a look at the latest issue of Lonny Magazine! I FINALLY got around to it yesterday &  was pretty impressed!  I was particularly blown away by Michelle Adam's office in NYC - the before & after pictures are a must-see! I love everything about this office space! It exudes CREATIVITY & STYLE....don't you think??  

This would be an ideal place to come to work to everyday -assuming the staff was just as nice right?? Can't have nice place & CRAPPY boss....that doesn't fly well with me. 

Either way, regardless of any opinions circulating the internet about Lonny Mag & what was said in the NY Times - blah blah blah, I find Lonny Magazine to be a BIG hit.

Some bloggers think they have it ALL figured out about what people should say or NOT say in the media, but who are WE to judge?!?!?!?

At the end of the day, Michelle is super cool.....she's been a sweetheart to me for as long as I can remember & never once was arrogant. 

I'm just glad we have all this accessible EYE CANDY to be inspired by! Michelle has brilliantly delivered it to us & for that I thank her.

So what did you think of Lonny's new office space? It it a hit with you? Are you still enjoying the content in the mag???

-photos by patrick cline


  1. It looks absolutely stunning and I love the Cinderella story that Michelle went from being essentially reception at a magazine to editor in chief of her own. Unlike the bitter NYT writer, I find that even more impressive than someone who has gone through all the cookie-cutter steps of getting to the top. Good for her! She's an inspiration to all of us.

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    I have to agree with you. I read the article and it seemed to me that the article made people seem different then they actually are. I actually love all the magazines and how each one brings something different. Iemailed a couple of them to say congrats when they first launched and they were all super super sweet people. I say Bravo to them all. Moving on =) ... I love love love her office. Seriously, in our next home I so would love an office like that. Have a great weekend Jen =)

  3. I do like this magazine very much, it is a bit different to my style, but they show some amazing spaces and deco solutions, very clever team behind it! By the way love your nails, specially if you managed to do them yourself, well done woman!!

  4. I love Lonny, always find just great inspiration images ! And this office is really gorgeous. Love the orange mirror and the stripes !!


  5. Michelle is a super star in my book:)

  6. Love the stylish office, the hexagon mirror, the pagoda mirror and the rug.

    Lonny is one of the best online shelter magazine and the content is often fresh and chic. What's not to love?


  7. Thanks for sharing! Ive been a big fan of Lonny for a while and I just enjoyed reading the ny times article. It just goes to show that passionate, driven people achieve their dreams!! Have a sunny weekend!

  8. what a beautiful space :)

  9. I love Michelle's office and am so inspired by her story. She is very talented and Lonny teaches me more about design than any other magazine! So, there, NY Times!

  10. I loved this issue, and I love Lonny as well! I completely agree that Lonny, along with other online mags like Rue, have a genuine place in the design world. I look forward to their new issues each month.
    And...I love the office space! I would adore working there!

  11. I love reading LONNY as well ... so cool how they came up with the name (London .. New York). I find the publication inspiring and very refreshing. As for the NYTimes article, I am not surprised at how it was written - I remember being featured in a newspaper and one of my clients was quoted with a tone of slang and gramatical errors (and she didn't speak that way at all). We learn and move on :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

  12. I love love love Lonny too... I think Michelle is the sweetest girl. A few years ago I had followed her from the blogging world when she starting her eco-friendly fabric line. I was wanting to shift into a creative career and emailed her to ask about advice. She replied very quickly and was so kind about it. Now, 3 years later I have a photography business (www.lauramurrayphotography.com) that I love and continue to draw inspiration for my home and my life from Lonny! I am sure that article may have skewed what was really said. Regardless, I am a big fan of Lonny and Michelle!!!


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