Thred-UP: Like-New Affordable Clothes

Hey everyone! Great news for moms today...keep reading!

I have a new favorite shopping site called Thred-Up.  It's a company that offers "like-new" clothing from popular name brands we all love!  I discovered this site when Noah was around 7 months and it has been heaven-sent!  The reason I say this is because....every mom out there knows how pricey kids clothing can be.  Especially when they grow out of it SO QUICKLY!  & you have to buy again.

Thred-Up works for us because we can buy gently used clothing that no longer fit other children or were "never even worn" and buy them at a fraction of the cost! For example like the Toddler Polo by Ralph Lauren gray sweater highlighted below.... retails new for around $55, but at Thred-Up you'll be able to purchase a gently used version for only $13.99. Insanity no?  

Anyway, I can say from firsthand experience that I am HAPPY with the quality of the items I ordered for my son. Everything looked pretty new, no complaints!  For every item you are looking at, Thred-Up offers a description, measurements, material it's made from, along with the condition it is in. They also offer free returns for store credit + they're very generous and love offering their customers incentives to come back with discount codes!  If you're a mom & you're wondering what to do with the clothing you already bought your little one that doesn't fit, Thred-up actually allows you to sell your (gently used) clothing on their site. Not just kids clothing, but adults too!

Here's pretty much how it works:

You order a free Clean Out Kit. pack it full of styles you love & return it to Thred-Up for free. Keep in mind the clothing you send should be in excellent condition. No stains, holes, piling, or signs of wear will be accepted. Styles you send should be on-Trend and in season.  You'll find a variety of brands like J-Crew, DVF, Mini Boden , Theory, Ralph Lauren & more for women, men & children! For the entire list of brands they carry go here.

I love this company!  Thred-up is ideal for moms who are looking for nice, affordable baby clothes! So moms, take notes. Watch the video above & see for yourself how cool this is.

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-office images via Thred-Up

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Real Life: A bit about Noah

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. Being a mom & dealing with things like finding a nanny, working, marriage, & clients it can get pretty busy. Since being a mother has taken a lot of the space on my plate, I may as well write about it. Where do I begin? I thought I'd write about Noah & what I am discovering being his mom. Noah is now 13 months old, a toddler!  He is a very curious & active boy...As a mom it's nice to discover our children's personalities. Here are a few things about him I wanted to share:

He smiles 80% of the time
He is very friendly, even with strangers.
If you aren't looking at him, he will call out to you.
He loves bananas & watermelon.
He is very social.
He is courageous.
When we are in his music class he floats around the room smiling at everyone.
He loves to knock down a tower of blocks.
Loves to go outside in his stroller.
He doesn't mind when I put on his shoes.
He's not a messy eater.
He enjoys helping with laundry & folding it. (Well he doesn't know how to fold quite yet but he  is entertained by trying).

He likes music & art.
He's never really used a pacifier.
He likes feeling a loose blanket underneath him before he sleeps.
He falls asleep pretty quickly.
He doesn't mind if people are talking, when he's tired he will clonk out.
He's pretty well-behaved when we take him to public places.
He seems to adapt pretty well to new situations.
He is not a big giggler.
He laughs when I tickle his neck.
He doesn't mind being scared.
He doesn't like vacuums that much.
He's a good eater.
He cooperates well when I am cutting his nails.
He enjoys going out in his baby carrier.
He's on a schedule.
He falls asleep around 7:20pm every evening. 

I have to say I am looking forward to the next phase, where I get to hear him speak & try to put words together! Have a great weekend!

-images by jen ramos

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Hey everyone!  

Just popping in to wish you a great weekend!!  I have been in the process of (once again) hiring a new nanny & it's been a bit time consuming.  However, looks like we are making headway this week finally!!  I have also been BUSY painting pieces for clients, like this one below. A large lipstick dots painting similar to the first one I ever did!  

Please don't forget - I am on instagram, to keep up with me on a daily basis.

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Schumacher Wallcovering

Schumacher is one of my favorite brands. If you're a designer it's a must-place to shop for your client's home. They offer some of the chicest fabrics, furniture, wall coverings & trim in the market. I always love checking out what new arrivals, they're always on top of the newest trends. Below are a few of my favorite wallcoverings from their online collection. Hope they inspire you!

-post by jen ramos

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