Everything I LOVE (Home Tour)

Amy, from 'Everything I LOVE' blog - was kind enough to share photos of her beautiful & creative home with us. Even though she recently moved in, she's done a great job so far. I fell in Love with her daughter's room, the cute chalkboard wall & the Graham & Brown black & white wallpaper (Macintosh Rose). Thank you Amy...and all the best with your home! 

*QUESTION: Does anyone know the name of a spray paint in a melon color??  

If you have a HOME you'd like to have us feature, please email me at jen@madebygirl.com. We will take a look at it & let you know. Please email us a few clear shots - preferably using no flash. Thank you! ; )
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Looking for some Vintage items? Try Sewing Momma

Here are some great items for sale at Sewing Momma's shop. Don't you just love the 2 Vintage Upholstered chairs?? And how about the Vintage hanging Cheragh? It would look so pretty over a dining room table or entryway! Check out her store here.



Below: She also makes many fabric storage bins in variety of fabrics. Great for organizing your kids toys or any other household items!



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Sima - Custom Jewelry....fun!

Thank you to Sima for making this lovely piece of jewelry for me! It looks so beautiful on! To view more of her work go here. Last year I bought a customized necklace from Sima, for my mom . It had the names of all my family members on it. Definitely a great Mother's day gift!

IMG_1319.JPG IMG_1321.JPG

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My Patio Re-do....

I was so inspired by these pics in Sunset Magazine I felt like re-doing my own patio. I wanted to do it all on a relatively small budget.

So far, I bought:
  • A white bistro table with 2 bistro chairs = $100 (may paint it, melon, turquoise or lime green)
  • A few potted plants, which seems to have taken over most of my budget. Pots are not cheap! The nicer the color, the more $$ you will need to dish out.
  • Outside area rug = $95
  • 3 Hanging white lanterns = $36

The most labor intensive part will be covering that UGLY trellis white wood! In order to give the patio area a more modern edge, I decided I would try this corrugated steel look - similar to the red one in the Sunset Mag photos. So, the question is, what color should I paint the corrugated metal sheets??? I created a few quick mock-ups of what it may look like after painted. What color do you like or think I should go for? I'm leaning towards the blue-ish tone or green.

*Photos above via Sunset Magazine*

Below is my plan:
When all the plants are in their places & the new bistro table is set up, the metal sheets are installed & hopefully painted....I'll post the photos. We are hoping this will be done no later than Saturday!
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'I'll Kill Her'.... Soko (Music)

Ever recall having a HUGE crush on a guy, but he decided to date some other girl over you?!?! Remember how much you hated her? This is where SOKO's tune comes in. If you haven't heard of SOKO....she's the Gal behind the tune 'i'll kill her' - which got a lot of airplay on Australian radio when it first came out. She's a 21 year old French actor/singer by the name of Stephanie Sokolinksy. Her lyrics go like this: "She's a bitch you know, all she's got is blondeness", she has a thick accent & broken English that makes it sound so adorable. Weird huh?

Beware, this song is cute & addicting....& one of my favorite tunes. Enjoy!

soko.jpg soko.png200904271935.jpg

*You can download (free) or listen to all 3 tunes here:

Soko I'll Kill Her

Soko The Dandy Cowboys

Soko It's Raining Outside

*Watch her 'I'll Kill Her' video here.

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A Skateboarder's home...

Who would have thought a Skateboarder's home would look like this? Claire, an interior designer, & Jay, a skateboarder & musician, turned this beautiful old style Victorian in San Francisco into a dream house. They bought their home together for cool $1 million in 2005, can you believe that?! I L-O-V-E what they've done to all the rooms, especially the kitchen!

I am also admiring the steel corrugated fencing (below) that surrounds the backyard area. I'd like to add that type of fencing to the back of my patio area to give it a slightly modern edge. Awesome, no??

Below, Claire painted the mantel in the bedroom Benjamin Moore’s Pool Party Blue

Photos by: Peter DaSilva for the NY Times.
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