My Patio Re-do....

I was so inspired by these pics in Sunset Magazine I felt like re-doing my own patio. I wanted to do it all on a relatively small budget.

So far, I bought:
  • A white bistro table with 2 bistro chairs = $100 (may paint it, melon, turquoise or lime green)
  • A few potted plants, which seems to have taken over most of my budget. Pots are not cheap! The nicer the color, the more $$ you will need to dish out.
  • Outside area rug = $95
  • 3 Hanging white lanterns = $36

The most labor intensive part will be covering that UGLY trellis white wood! In order to give the patio area a more modern edge, I decided I would try this corrugated steel look - similar to the red one in the Sunset Mag photos. So, the question is, what color should I paint the corrugated metal sheets??? I created a few quick mock-ups of what it may look like after painted. What color do you like or think I should go for? I'm leaning towards the blue-ish tone or green.

*Photos above via Sunset Magazine*

Below is my plan:
When all the plants are in their places & the new bistro table is set up, the metal sheets are installed & hopefully painted....I'll post the photos. We are hoping this will be done no later than Saturday!


  1. I am so excited to see what you do!
    We're thinking of a patio make over of our own.
    good luck!

  2. Very nice! I wanted to let you know about an award someone gave me that I passed along to you.

    "Inspiring Blogger Award"

    I love your blog and find it very inspiring! :)

  3. Your patio is going to be even more beautiful! My pick is the green color...makes for an awesome monochromatic look with the green foliage. It would give you lots of room to pop in color like you like!

    { Lindsey }

  4. Sorry, check out my blog to receive your award. :)

  5. I like the blue the best! Good luck...I know you will make it beautiful.

  6. I love the blue-ish color. The green in the plants will look great against a blue back drop! Can't wait to see the after pots. You are right pots are not cheap ):

  7. The lanterns are a great idea. I think they will bring it all together. I guess I could clear off the random stuff on my patio to make room for nice furniture. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Well, since I'm in love with the beach, I have to go with the light turquoise one. It feels very tropical :)

    Have fun!!

  9. i like the old white fence but i think a corrugated one will spice it up. blue sounds great, i like the idea of hanging lanterns and more flowers. have u thought about lavender or turguoise? =)

  10. I like the green, can't wait to see how the patio turns out!

  11. I am partial to the reddish color, I have had red in my home for the past 13 years, be it a room or accent walls. However, I am now looking for an orange-ish color to change it out. Ever think of the orange family, Hermes like? I love the aqua color but would be afraid of it being too bright with all the LV summer sun. Btw, I like the way it looks already:-) wish I had a patio.
    Have fun!

  12. Thank you for all the comments and suggestions so far... I am leaning toward the blue-ish color...also because I think the WHITE BISTRO chairs would look good against that color.

  13. Hi!

    First off, love, love, your blog! As for your patio, it is great as it is... I mean I love the detailed fencing - why not paint it blue?

  14. Great project I like your idea of using the metal. My husband loves the stuff! Anyway, I really like the coral color. I think it brings a little zest to the space.

  15. I vote blue for the walls. Blue and green is my favorite combo for a garden, i have a huge collection of blue and green pots for the patio and youre right- they arent cheap....EXCEPT at TJMaxx and Marshalls/Homegoods...they have beautiful pots and at a fraction of a garden store.
    cant wait to see the finished product!

  16. Blue, but not only because it is my favorite color ;)

  17. Luv your blog and your future patio. There are also sheets of corrugated plastic that we have used and they come in colors.
    What about trying them with the corrugations horizontal, kinda more lineal.
    Maybe the green?
    Can't wait to see it!

  18. JOSEPH:
    Thank you & welcome! :)
    YES as a matter of fact, We may just place the corrugated steel horizontal. Only because we may have to use 2 sheets on each side....
    It seems the sheets aren't long enough...and not sure which way I'm leaning, but either BLUE-ISH or Green..If I do blue, I may paint the bistro set a melon color...and If i go GREEN...I may paint the bistro set a turquoise blue.

    But good idea, thanks!

  19. ANONYMOUS: Thank you... : )
    However i don't like the trellis fencing seems so dated. PLUS it would be VERY difficult to paint.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. RACHEL:
    Yes, I've thought about Lavender and Turquoise...! I tried it in photoshop, but wasn't as crazy about it...hmmm So hard to picture it just by seeing a digital shot. It looks so much nicer when you can actually see the paint n person. Make a BIG difference.
    I am going to be buying more potted plants tomorrow.
    Thx! : )

  22. I love your blog and think the green would make it monochromatic and open up the space and you could use other colors to make it could use turqoise as an accent color...whatever you decide to do...I can't wait to see it.

  23. Hey Jennifer I think the metal was a wise choice and the end result in the blue looks amazing. Are you going to attempt the hanging planter in the pic from Sunset? Are those all little succulents? Hard to tell in the picture, but I am intrigued.


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