A little bit of my 2009....

I had quite an interesting year & I am thankful for all the good things that came my way. Here is a compilation of photos from my 2009 I wanted to share with all of you.  They are some of my favorites, of my 2009 home renovation, newest additions to our home, the meals & desserts my guy cooks for me, my dogs & even my engagement. I am looking forward to the New Year & crossing my fingers that new & exciting experiences will come with it.  I'm not sure yet what we are doing for the New Year, but my dad will be in town, so we may head down to see the fireworks!   All the best in 2010.
How will you be celebrating? Any special plans??

Above: a few of the many goodies my guy made for me

Above: My dog trying to type with her nose

Above: The perfect heart-shaped potato we stumbled upon

Above: watching my dog ride in the backseat

Above: The Tassimo/Bosch cappuccino maker my dad gave me! Amazing!

Above: Breakfast with my guy every Sunday

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Best of 2009 at Apartment Therapy....

It was nice to be included for Best of 2009 - " Most Popular How To & DIY " & " Bedroom Inspiration for the New Year "  by Apartment Therapy!  Here is a sneak peek of some of the chosen ones, including my own guest bedroom!  For those of you who have been emailing me asking where I purchased the yellow & white-patterned bed linens, they are from Home Goods. I bought them earlier this year. 

For more pics of my home go here.

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Renovation in exchange for lower rent ?

That's right! I thought this was a pretty fantastic read on the NY Times website. (One of my favorites)! Talk about a renovation decision (in a rental) that is worth your while!  

With the economy being so shaky these days, Todd & Marlene Capron decided to renovate a run-down apartment in Prospect heights, Brooklyn all by themselves in exchange for a rent reduction for their landlord. Now that is a deal! Here are pics of the reno, but you can read all about this genius idea here!

I love how they brightened the walls behind the mantle! So, what do you think of renovation in exchange for rent reduction? 

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Lovin'...Cornelia Adams....Photography

Cornelia Adams has some exceptional photography in her portfolio! She owns a commercial photography agency representing editorial photographers who specialize in cosmetics, fashion, home & urban lifestyle! I am always amazed at how talented some people are. Below are a few pic I selected, a great way to start a Monday! 

P.S - Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, thanks for all the Holiday wishes!

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Christmas is here again....

At last, the Holidays are here.  This month seems to be flying by so quickly & it's only 16 more days to my wedding! Wow!  So here I am, ready to take a few days off & I wanted to wish you all a very joyful Holiday. I plan to spend it with my guy & then my father will be in town along with my best friend for the New Years celebration!!

Photo by Jen Ramos of MadebyGirl
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DIY Holiday treats...

Kate, from Centsational Girl  posted a 'DIY Christmas cookies for Chocolate lovers'!  DIY is always a great idea for Holiday parties....you can make them & bring them to an event or just bake them for your family! I like the idea of the chocolate covered biscotti as one of the desserts for my wedding!  You can find the DIY recipe along with more amazing pics via her blog. As always,  great job Kate!

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