Jackie's Home Tour... (Via Made By Girl)

Last week I posted on my Twitter if anyone was interested in having their home FEATURED on my blog....a few of you responded with pictures. Of course, I cannot choose EVERYONE, so I apologize if you don't get selected. What I'm looking for: 
  • (NON BLURRY) pictures
  • good resolution a must
  • interesting & stylish decor
  • No FLASH! Pics with flash = awful!! 
  • Pics taken during the daytime work best 
  • around 8-10 pictures total

So.....Jackie, over at Sweet Pie Style Blog sent me pics of her home to share with ALL OF YOU. 

She also writes a blog & sells lots of cute little vintage items via Etsy, including a white foo dog similar to the one you see in this post! I ALSO spotted the l Ballard Designs rug that I got for my master closet, except Jackie revealed to me she bought hers on Overstock!! I love the way it looks & it feels when you walk on it barefoot!

Enjoy her home, she was kind enough to share it with all of us! If you have a home you'd like to submit, email me here.

 images via sweetie pie style

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Adore Magazine British Edition...(Via Made by Girl)

Again, MadeByGirl (me!) is featured in Adore Magazine! I love this mag which is published by  Australian Designer,  Loni Parker. This issue is The British Edition, and includes several cool British or British inspired items! 

Geez, did I just say British 4 times in a row?!?!? My goodness.

If you keep flipping through the pages, you'll see that Adore included me in a section called, "Blog Loving", What our favorite bloggers are coveting now

Along side me were super COOL bloggers, Louis Bell from Table Tonic & Kelli Collis from Ada & Darcy. Check out the magazine site here, you will adore this issue.
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Mar Silver Design...(Via Made By Girl)

I came across Mar Silver a few weeks ago & I swear this woman knows how to put a room together. She uses LARGE scale art which I love and try to do in my own home. Let's face it, large pieces of art, can cost a ton of money but sometimes you come across one you REALLY love that you MUST have. 
Also, not all of US are artistically inclined or have the TIME to sit down & paint, so buying one from an artist you can afford just MAKES SENSE! 

Nothing WRONG with that, I'm all for it! So, if you come across a painting you REALLY love, it's fine to INVEST in it.  In fact, I INVESTED in about 2 paintings for my OWN home and the rest I painted myself.  However, I consider myself an artist & have painted for as long as I can remember. It just comes NATURALLY to me. 

Anyhow, back to Mar Silver, a top high-end Interior Designer, whom I am now a FAN of.  Her work is sophisticated & serene with organic elements. Then she throws in the AMAZING artwork to give it some sexiness & flair!

 images via mar silver

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Anthropolgie & Weddings?...(Via Made By Girl)

Have you heard the news? 

Anthropologie will possibly be unveiling Wedding Dresses & accessories for that Special Day! This is such exciting NEWS since I'm a BIG fan of their store & CAN'T wait to see what it will look like. I can honestly say, I didn't see this coming from Anthro, but it's definitely a nice surprise!

You'll have to go here on February 14th, Valentine's Day for the BIG debut! For now, enjoy this sneek peek!

images via bhldn

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This Deserves a Woo Hoo!... (Via Made By Girl)

Even after 4 1/2 yrs in business it STILL excites me to see my company, Made By Girl mentioned or featured in top notch magazines! I'm so thankful to God for these opportunities!  Sometimes the BEST PART is standing at the BOOK STORE & seeing my name or my work within the pages for all to see! 

I SWEAR,  I just want to tap the person next to me & say, "That's me!!!" - But I don't want to look like a CRAZY PERSON, so of course I don't do that. 

Thank you to Elle Decor and The Nest, two of my favorite places to to visit on the net!

Below, quoted in the nest in a feature on "How to Organize ....Everything"

below: mentioned in Elle Decor's website in an article called, "What We're Reading"

-top 2 images by jen

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Shoot Factory, it's Been A While...(Via Made By Girl)

I haven't been on Shoot Factory in quite sometime, but I DO subscribe to their email list to get all the good stuff in my email! 

For those of you NOT FAMILIAR with Shoot Factory, it's an agency based out of the UK that provides DREAM locations for photo shoots, film productions and more!

The houses they come across are so FANTASTIC & definitely worthy of being featured in any interior design magazine. I'm NOT kidding, just take a look at these photos below.

I gathered a few that I thought would serve as inspiration for my GUEST bedroom, which I'm STILL working on...& I'm still CLUELESS about!  Nevertheless, Shoot Factory is still a great site to visit for anyone looking for great spaces (all over the world) to shoot in! Photographers take notes!

images via shoot factory

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My Favorite Jewelry...(Via Made By Girl)

I have a FASCINATION with interesting jewelry. One in particular that I love is jewelry with a claw, a tooth or something similar. Below is a collection of some I may be wearing more of this new year.... unfortunately, I don't own any of these (YET) but will soon! I've always been drawn to this STYLE because of it's unique and raw looking quality. 

I'm NOT really a DIAMONDS kind of gal, with the exception of my wedding ring, I don't wear a lot of shiny BLING. I pretty much only wear necklaces, bracelets & rings....no earrings. I think I only own 2 pairs, not sure why.... Anyway, this STYLE is super HOT right now!

What's your favorite style of jewelry? Do you like bold pieces, pearls, diamonds, unique pieces like these or simple silver & gold?

above:  brooklyn thread - i have this exact one in white!

above: yanessa b.

above: armelle 

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