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Always great to see Made By Girl prints designs displayed in homes all over the world! The Love Candy DESIGN below is actually a CUSTOM 24x36 CANVAS that was purchased by Julia of TysonandJulia blog. 

This is such a great size for a larger wall space... fills it up that much better don't you think?  We normally make 16x20 canvas sizes, but if you 're interested in a custom size like Julia's, then just email us the size & the color you'd like! Or you can play with the colors here.

This gorgeous dining area is from Janell's home over at Isabella & Max Rooms blog. I love the way she placed the 'I love you, blogs & coffee' print onto the chalkboard, clever!

The screenprint below is the kraft one, you can find it here.

Thanks ladies for taking these pictures!


  1. gosh, i love your prints...can't wait to get mine up (once i finally finish off this spare room!).


  2. I love the idea of placing the 'blogs and coffee' print on the chalkboard area. How fun!!

  3. i love this! congrats! i want one! :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - it certainly made my day!


  4. it must be so exciting to see your stuff up all over!

  5. Oh your prints look great in the spaces!! I have to buy one of your I love blogs & coffee some time soon!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. Julia's kitchen is beautiful, the size and color of the print is perfect for it!

  7. My blogs & coffee is propped above my desk just waiting for the next trip to Home Depot so I can pick up a new masonry bit and hang it on the brick wall above my computer monitor. I love it! xoxo

  8. Do you know where to find the chalk board set up for children, shown in this picture?

  9. Jen - glad you like the photo! Thanks so much! Jarrett & Jackie - if you're talking about the stool that has the chalkboard attachment, the stool is called "The Learning Tower" and the chalkboard is an attachment for it, reversible to a whiteboard. both are available from

  10. I don't know if you have seen this yet or not but you are in the Adore magazine!

    That's awesome!


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