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I came across Mar Silver a few weeks ago & I swear this woman knows how to put a room together. She uses LARGE scale art which I love and try to do in my own home. Let's face it, large pieces of art, can cost a ton of money but sometimes you come across one you REALLY love that you MUST have. 
Also, not all of US are artistically inclined or have the TIME to sit down & paint, so buying one from an artist you can afford just MAKES SENSE! 

Nothing WRONG with that, I'm all for it! So, if you come across a painting you REALLY love, it's fine to INVEST in it.  In fact, I INVESTED in about 2 paintings for my OWN home and the rest I painted myself.  However, I consider myself an artist & have painted for as long as I can remember. It just comes NATURALLY to me. 

Anyhow, back to Mar Silver, a top high-end Interior Designer, whom I am now a FAN of.  Her work is sophisticated & serene with organic elements. Then she throws in the AMAZING artwork to give it some sexiness & flair!

 images via mar silver



  1. Gorgeous rooms! I love big art! Such a statement in a room! And it sort of personalizes a space, when you decorate with art that you love :)

  2. three little words: to. die. for. thanks for the introduction! i am obsessed!

    have a lovely weekend :)


  3. I agree that investing in large pieces of art is a true investment. I feel like a chicken when I look at the beautiful images. I don't know that I'd had the guts to go for something that big. They really make a statement. Outstanding.

  4. Jen...I absolutely adore her style...and love the fact that she introduces gorgeous pieces of artwork to every room. I am really loving the look of realife images blown up to a ginormous size and framed beautifully..I plan to do this to my main bedroom...just deciding on the right image to use...but I think it is so effective and I would always choose art over any decor piece. Love this post. Hope all is well in your world lovely x

  5. I love the neutrals and those provocative art. I love the art... my paintings are a big on that edge too, on the classy side of course :)

    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

  6. Huge fan of large scale art. Love the big statement it makes in just one piece instead several.

  7. Jen, I absolutley love your 'd├ęcor' tips. Amazing pictures and ideas. Adore your blog! Hug.* I got a blog either, and if u like, it can be translated to English. Come visit!

    Suzana > Beauty & Style:

  8. ANNA WHITE: Yea deciding on the image to use is the hard have to make sure you love it as it will be SUPERSIZED on your wall! :)))


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