Night Hotel NYC

My friend David, owner and designer of sent me this wonderful link to Night Hotel In NYC. He says he stays there when he visits, lucky him! This place is top Notch as you can see in the photos & the interior is quite amazing in mostly black and white. The carpet is real interesting too, displaying the companies logo all over it!

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Here is a painting I made for a large wall in my home, this is by far my favorite of all the art I have. I hand-painted my favorite section of the infamous 'Romeo and Juliet' play from Shakespeare onto this large CANVAS. Every time I have guests over they stop and read the entire thing. They love it! My friends keep telling me to sell these on my MadeBygirl site. Not sure yet though.....we'll see if i have time. Have a great MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!!

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I love NYC and Miles Redd

Miles Redd has designed many NYC apartments. He's been featured in many of my favorite publications such as New York Magazine, Vogue, House Beautiful, Elle D├ęcor, House & Garden, W, and Country Life. I always find it interesting how people make their start and with Miles, his tiny East Village apartment became a laboratory for his particular brand of cozy glamour: he painted the floor in an emerald green harlequin pattern and stacked books to the ceiling! Amazing, just look at those ZEBRA print doors!

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Memorial Day Sale

I'm making way for a few more table designs on my site: MadeByGirl , and will be having this beautiful piece on SALE for Memorial day weekend. $300 off the price + FREE shipping! The solid Mahogany table is styled after an antique Chippendale and is covered in a lipstick red leather with a Zebra print runner surrounded in small studs on top of that. Cleaning instructions for the table are shipped with the table as well. This is a one-of-a kind coffee table that would look great in your home, office or shop! A % of the sales are given to charity. HAPPY MEMORIAL Day!

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John Stefanidis

John Stefanidis Design Limited is an Interior design practice established in Chelsea, London. They specialize in architectural & interior design of new build & renovated residential and commercial properties across the globe. I have to say I enjoyed the use of RED in all these rooms, beautiful touch! My favorite is the Moroccan looking room, looks like a cross between ralph lauren and Morocco!

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Icon Rugs

I was looking at rug companies the other day and came across this one from the UK. I thought they were pretty cool. The idea of having a huge portrait on the ground in a livingroom space really appeals to me. I'm in LOVE with the Audrey Hepburn one! More rugs at: Modern Rugs UK.

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Personal SPACE

Having a great weekend so far! Thought I'd post some pics of my office space here at home like I promised....I need a new camera that is super sharp! Any recommendations?? Also, just finished another pillow design. Here I am with it, can you see the Bull? It's a bit of a camouflage design. This particular one is for a silent auction for Lied Animal Shelter, whom I donate a % of my table sales to. This design will be available throgh my site soon! Visit: Madebygirl.

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Of course you CAN help.....

In order to keep decorating our homes, we need to make sure we're still alive. I realize that everyone will not be able to do everything 100%, but a good chunk of it can be quite helpful against the effects of Global Warming. Some things you can do:

  • unplug un-used electronics

  • use compact flourescent bulbs

  • adjust Your Thermostat

  • change the AC Filter

  • take shorter Showers

  • buy a Hybrid car

  • replace Old appliances

  • inflate your Tires

  • landscaping your home for Energy efficiency

Much more at: Global Warming. Also, a good book: Climate change begins at home. You can also buy Interesting Bracelets in many different colors and 100% of the proceeds go to Global warming fund. They're so cute and made from scrap leathers!

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The Dylan Hotel in Dublin, Ireland is top notch! This hotel has some of the best pieces of furniture you will ever see in a hotel. (in my opinion) Being into unique furniture pieces myself as you can see on my site: Madebygirl. The colors are vibrant and lure you in, especially the bright REDS! One of my wishes is to stay there someday in their Dylan signature room!

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ART in your home

LOVE how ART can make a room come to life! As in these images below from House Beautiful. Pop Art has always been a favorite of mine. I've thought about using pop art for a portrait of me in my office or just one of my dogs, but I kind of wanted to try and make it myself. Either way, here's a company that specializes in Custom Pop Art. Real fun stuff for decorating your home!

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