An amazing eye

Melanie Mauer sent me some gorgeous images.... and what an eye she has! She's a fantastic photographer who specializes in weddings. She captures her subject in such an artful way and uses both color and black and white. I enjoyed the photos of the brides' high heels the best, they're just simple & beautiful. I also loved how she lists some of her favorite spots in Kentucky, (where she lives) from shopping to sweets. More on her site : Melanie Mauer.
Thanks Melanie!


  1. That shoe pic is so amaizing! wish I had one up in my office....but from of my favorite pairs of shoes!

  2. Sorry to keep leaving comments on your blog, but I think I'm hooked! I especially love this post since I'm a wedding planner! These shots are AWESOME!

  3. Yes, her shots are great and shes a very sweet person too! Pls feel free to leave worries!


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