BLACK apartment

Ever been inside an entirely black apartment? Well, this one will blow you away! The woman who owns the place said" at midnight, i want to feel like i am in a shanghai nightclub". This 3500 sq. ft. place was transformed into an expansive, expensive and expandable apartment. There are really no dividing walls in the space, just some soundproof and sheer black curtains. I really loved the 250-pair shoe display - almost like having your own shoe store in your home. What a gem! More images at The Apt. - They are the genius design team behind this project.



  1. The shoe rack as a decor piece is so fantastic!!

  2. i love the shoe display.
    don't know if i'd want to live in a space so dark but i do love the concept and can apprecite the creativity behind it. great piece!

  3. i think its so sleek, but i do wonder if it's depressing, being so dark and all...hmmm. looks great though!

  4. Black is so under rated as an interior colour.

  5. what a fantastic apartment. thanks for sharing!
    I found your blog via Oh Joy and I love it. so much eye candy!

  6. Hiya Alyson, welcome ....i'm glad you found me! :)

    Hope to see ya back.


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