A SWEET change of Pace.....

Sprinkles Cupcakes located in Beverly Hills, California has made a huge splash on the dessert scene. I have to tell you that I've tasted some of their little cupcakes and they are the best I've had! The carrot cake and the dark chocolate are my faves!! Super soft and so moist! I recommend anyone visiting CA. to stop by and grab one or two or 3! Its too bad they don't deliver to Vegas, however there will be a Sprinkles shop here soon! The packaging is so pretty & colorful, love it. Happy Mom's Day.



  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2007

    Sprinkles definitely rocks! I've only had a chance to try it out a couple of times but there's ALWAYS a line going out the door and I kid you not, you will not find better cupcakes anywhere (sorry mom). And their presentation is classy and beautiful to boot.

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2007

    wow! Who'd have thought that something so simple as sprinkle cupcakes could be a hit in Beverly Hills!!!!
    I mean, even I can make them....probably not quite as decadent, but hey, I can pretend!!
    I adore your blog and would like to put in a request....if it's possible, if you come across a room designed in Bohemian style?

  3. Thanks BM. I will see what I can scoop up, thanks for the request :)

    Oh boy, am i craving a cupcake now!

  4. i agree with you D, the pictures make all the difference and i'm sure it helped sell this product at first. BUT the taste of these sute kept them at the the top.

  5. Yummmm. I have a sweet tooth too. Love your blog and added to my links. I am going to have fun perusing all of your postings!

  6. what fabulous little cupcakes!!

  7. pictures make all the difference for a product i believe, but in this case its also the taste. Trust me, these are soo yum!

  8. Love this post and I was watching Girls Next Door (yes sadly i watch this sometimes) but they were going to Sprinkles!! yeah!!

  9. haha, thats beacause they are in Cali, lucky them. I love this place!


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