More of my home update.....

There used to be nothing in this area of my kitchen, now it's a pretty & stylish breakfast nook for two. The scoop-back chairs are from West Elm (originally yellow) & I painted them in 'La Fonda Mirage' by Valspar. Chevron (zig zag) rug by West Elm (on sale in store) & the Finley Pendant Lamp by Crate & Barrel. Oh, and I got the table on sale via West Elm as well! The flowers may be a tad bit too large, I may bunch them up & place them into a smaller vase. What do you think so far?

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My guest post at Coco & Kelley....

For those of you who never saw my redesigned patio & how I put it together, check out the guest post I did for Coco & Kelley. I explain some of it there....and remember, before re-designing a space, always draw it out & plan a few different versions. Then, pick the best one! Here's my re-designed patio below. Over at Coco & Kelley, Cassie is doing style escapes week, highlighting several outdoor spaces.....take a look here.

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Feels like falling in LOVE....

Tonight I had a craving for I baked these gluten free dark chocolate ones. I don't know about anyone else, but when I have a chocolate dessert I don't like being bothered. I like to drift away into that dreamy state it puts me's like falling in LOVE all over again.

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Jimena Rios....que Guapa.

Please take a look at designer, Jimena Rios. Her Jewelry is definitely one of a kind! I bought one of her sterling silver rings last year and it's still one of my favorite pieces. Mine was customized to say "Be Strong". Lately, I have been thinking of getting her 'guapa' necklace, (it means 'Pretty' in Spanish)....but, you can gave her engrave your name instead! Just email her via her shop & tell her what you'd's that easy. Check her out here!

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Ok, so this is what I decided.....

Below (2nd pic) is one of my guest bedrooms & this is the fabric I decided to go with from Fabric Supplies via Etsy. It's around $7.00/yd versus $90/yd for the Rubie Green 'Marilyn' fabric. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the RG, but perhaps I'll save that expense for the master bedroom. I think this fabric I chose is close enough & my guy may even try to re-create the same headboard in her photo (with the cute shape). Either way, I'll keep you all posted with photos of the projects in my home!

(Click on photos for larger images)

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I'm a fan of Rubie Green....

Michelle of Rubie Green has some of the prettiest & most refreshing fabrics out there. She lives in a tiny (but stylish) apartment in Harlem, New York & was featured in the most recent issue of Real Living Australia. I'm currently looking to reupholster the headboard in my main guest bedroom & I'd L-O-V-E three yds of the 'Marilyn' or 'Patsy' fabrics! Oh....should I spend the $ ?? They're so stunning!! Do any of you own Rubie Green Fabric??? If so, which??

Images via Real Living
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Country Living this weekend.....

For all those who enjoy colorful spaces as much as I do, here are some images from Country Living I put together. Perhaps you can use them for inspiration. I'm placing some new vases with flowers in my home, as well as some other kinds.....can't wait to see what they look like. Flowers always brighten up the space, even if they're silk ones!

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