At My Local Consignment Store...

Today I went to a local consignment shop here in town. I've been there about a DOZEN times & I've only walked out with one item, my dining table. This time, I saw quite a few items I liked....including two nightstands that I envisioned painted in white! The handles were so pretty, but the size of the night stand was a bit wider than most I've seen out there. 

Below are some of the items I really liked... unfortunately this time, I didn't end up buying anything! Maybe I'll go back this weekend.

So, what do you think of consignment shops? Do you have some in your area? Do you shop there? 

Above are the night stands I was telling you about above. The handles are what really drew me in! What do you think of these? Can you see them painted white??



This mirror was super pretty, but I have no idea where I would put it!!

 I absolutely adored this fixture below...because I figured i could buy some crystal beads and make it look more like an empire chandelier....don't you think??


 How cool is this RED chandelier?


What do you think? Should I go back & get any of these items? Don't you hate that feeling! You walk out of a shop, get home & you're still thinking of a specific item you saw in a store! 

images from my iphone

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Domino Now on Brides Magazine Website!

One of my readers informed me that Brides Magazine Online was granted access to all of the stories from the late Domino Mag, remember them?!?!? Of course you do! 

 So, we'll all be able to see some Domino archives via the site. According to the editor-in-chief, Julie Raimondi they'll be adding more & more in the weeks to come. Here's a little reminiscing below for you....

images via brides

Were you a Domino Magazine reader? Which magazine is now your favorite??

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Jewelry Storage in Lonny Mag!

For those of you who fell in LOVE with the jewelry storage armoire (like I did) in this issue of Lonny Magazine, here are a few alternatives I recommend. It seems the one featured in Lonny is almost discontinued. However, I did manage to find it in ONLY one place, here, but it was more than I wanted to pay. I'm extremely HAPPY with the alternatives and will definitely be purchasing one for my jewelry (which is growing quite rapidly). 

Do you have a jewelry storage armoire like these? Is it useful? How do you like it? 

images above via lonny mag

from left to right:

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Copying Other People's work.....!!!

This is the kind of thing that makes artists furious. Artists are sensitive people, and we really care & are passionate about what we do! So, when someone comes along & STEALS our designs, we need to take action, and that is what I am doing right now with this post. A tiny company called jack in the box designs, is claiming that the prints they are selling are their designs. Are you kidding me? I recognize a few that I know for a FACT aren't their designs, including mine!  I know I should expect this kind of disrespect, but this is just plain wrong!!  

They aren't just RIPPING me off, but others at the same time! Do they think because they are in Canada it's ok?? Well, they're wrong! Copyright laws exist all over. Here's the even funnier part, they say on their blog they created these designs 3 years ago....but coincidentally, all their designs are using my exact color schemes as well as ones from Binth, Penny People and Chaiv.  They also had the nerve to go to some kind of show & exhibit their work (you know, the designs they're ripping off). I don't mind if someone makes a replica for their own personal use, but for commercial purposes....that, I am not cool with. 

Please help support the artists and businesses who work their butts off to create and come up with original work. Tell people like this that they are WRONG and they are clearly copying others. How do they justify this behavior??!?  How do you feel about this?  What if it was your work? 
Please email them at: and let them know they are violating the works of others. Or feel free to let them know by leaving a comment on their blog here. 
Something as simple as "you are clearly copying other artists work". 

 Thank you.

**UPDATE**: These copycats have now deleted their Facebook page & their blog, however, neither I nor the other artists/designers have gotten a response from them. Figures. If they appear again, I'm certain my readers and customers will tell me. 

Below is just a portion of what is/was on their blog....

(click for larger images)

What she writes (above) in her blog post cracks me up...and I quote, "We came up with this design and appropriately named it "ABC Original."

Here she is above (I was kind enough to blur her face out) selling copyrighted work by other designers (including mine) at a booth.

As the saying goes, "stealing is easy, being original is hard".

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White interior....via Bolig

It's no surprise I'm featuring this home today. I've expressed so many times how much I love an all white interior with pops of colorful artwork & accessories throughout! I found this lovely residence via Bolig Magazine online and couldn't help but notice the wonderful view from the bathroom window. That would be soooo amazing to wake up to every morning.....

images via bolig
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It's so awesome coming across a shop like (SUB)URBAN Home. This cool showroom is based out of Los Angeles, California. They have a range of modern designs for the home including the studded side chairs as well as the ceramic skull (my favorite) that come in various colors!  Next time I'm in L.A. I'm going to make it a point to stop by and visit this lovely place. 

If I pick something up, you'll know because I'll be blogging about it! In the meanwhile you have to visit their shop here. They have the coolest website, with LARGE pics to entice you even more to drop in. Smart.

images by (sub)urban home

found via aphro chic 

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Pier 1 .....My Latest Purchases.

For those of you who read my twitter message saying I had picked up some goodies at Pier 1, this is what I got.  A colorful & chic credit card wallet for under $20...I have 3 different colors, but this one is my favorite!  Then I saw the their NEW Mongolian pillows and the simple fact that it was $39, I had to get one!

Lots of other places sell these Mongolian pillows for more $$, so this was a "MUST-BUY" moment! I already have one that cost me TWICE as much... I purchased it way before they had them at Pier 1.

images by jen ramos

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Jennifer's Closet is Updated!

Remember that section in my shop I call "Jennifer's Closet?" - It's a section on my site where I list some of my personal items for sale. All the items available for purchase are in great condition and used to decorate my own home!  Two of the cushions were actually bought at Urban Outfitters! Below you'll find my newest additions to 'Jennifer's Closet'. Enjoy!

images by jen ramos

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