In my search for Louis Style Chairs.....

I have a HUGE fascination for Louis Style chairs.  I regularly check Ebay to see if I can land a heck of a DEAL someday!  I haven't had much luck....I mean just about EVERYTHING you see that says "LOUIS" is over $1000!  Louis is such a BIG shot, he just doesn't want to give me the opportunity to land 6 CHAIRS for under $1000.  I mean come on, I would constantly blog about it and then you'd maybe even get a few more sales after.  Please Louis....appear before me and be just under $1000!!

Just curious, do any of you own a Louis chair?  Would love to hear where you purchased yours and if you got a good deal.

Yes, these chairs above are actually $875 for 6....but I am still uncertain about the cane backing...

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  1. i searched 2x a day on craigslist for about a month...(while also looking at ebay and local vintage shops).

    i finally found the perfect pair. 2 for $80!

    the trick is always switching up your search terms. most people who are selling have no idea that they are louis armchairs (or anything special for that matter).

    i say search as simple of terms as possible and be prepared to look at a long long list.

    the gems are hidden ;)

  2. I too am very fond of the Louis style chairs. I would also be weary of the cane just never know! Good Luck Jen!

  3. I found mine on Craigslist and purchased a set of 4 for $50 each. The seller had 8! I searched under "french furniture." By the way, the leopard pillow in my chair was just some randon one my mom had at her house, fabric was from Joann fabrics. Good luck with the search and there are great deals out there!!!

    PS-I found the best upholsterer in all of LA. His name is Ernie, he's in Highland Park (sketchy area) but he will pick up your furniture and recover it, and redeliver it to your house. I'm taking my Louis there and he did 2 for my brother. His # is 323.227.7763 or 323.228.9195.


  4. Hotel Surplus in Van Nuys has all kinds of Louis Chairs from hotels and great deals and they negotiate!

  5. Hotel Surplus for sure! Also I hit estate sales every weekend and I ALWAYS see them. I have seen them for as little as $25 each. I can keep my eye open for you...but I live in SoCal.

  6. Hotel Surplus totally! I am out thrifting every weekend and I always see them. I have seen them for as little as $25 each. I can keep my eye open for you...but I live in SoCal.

  7. Auction houses practically give away Louis chairs that come in a single. If you're patient and troll them regularly you could put together a set over time. Just a thought.

  8. Hey Jen,
    I really like the ones with the cane back!
    Just need s new fabric & a coat of white (or black?) paint & theyd look great!
    sal x

  9. Beautiful styles.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. I've got 6 Louis dining chairs (which I currently have slipcovers on). They're finished in a striƩ finish in cream and have striped upholstery on the seat and front and fleur de lis on the back. Love them but too formal for our current space (hence the slipcovers). I searched forever and finally went to a place that orders in the frames from France and finishes them. I chose the finish and the fabric and ended up spending about $350 each so they weren't cheap but well worth it! : )

  11. I love all these chairs. I actually have one that looks very much like the cane backed one. I found it at the Goodwill for $10.00. Wow didn't even know it could be one. I just fell in love with the legs and arms and just about tripped a lady to get to it!

    I hope you find some for a steal sometime soon!

  12. Love the cane backs!! Those are gorgeous.

  13. I would love to have all af them!:)

    The black ones are the best.

    Have a nice weekend:)

  14. Hi! I had been searching everywhere too- I finally found a pair for $25 each at a local thrift store!

  15. I would suggest trying Craigslist NYC and hopefully someone will ship out West to you. I found several amazing pieces of furniture on Craigslist. There are so many home renovations here in Brooklyn in these old brownstones & townhouses and people are always selling this old stuff.
    Good luck with your search!

  16. Louis style chairs are gorgeous, I hope you find your set and for the price you want. It's so hard! I am in search of dining chairs as well. I keep trying to convince myself to be patient till I find EXACTLY what I want!! Oh the torture!

  17. I did buy mine thru ebay and could NOT be happier!!! Beautiful chairs and very high quality! Here are the ones I got--made her a lower offer and she accepted :)

    here they are in my home:

    Good Luck, Amy

    ps-love your blog!

  18. oops! forgot to say I did get six for just under $1000!!!


  19. I enjoyed your blog today! I love all the chairs pictured too. But I have had more luck in finding chairs like these at local auctions. Prices are low at the ones I attend, many folks are needing to sell their goods.

    The Designer Insider

  20. Craigslist is my "go-to" source. You just have to be patient.

    Oh, and why uncertain about the cane backing...they're fabulous!!!

  21. I like all of those chairs, but I don't know if I would go with a cane back chair in my own home, although I like the round shape.


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