Jenna Lyon's Townhouse....(My Dream Home)

I know you've all seen Jenna Lyon's townhouse about a MILLION TIMES. It's been featured in several magazine like Living Etc. and on a ton of blogs. Jenna's home is probably my all time favorite home that I've seen online. It's creative, not outrageously LARGE, and it's a townhouse (very much my style). I'm really drawn to the dark wood floors, the empire chandeliers as well as her choice of furniture and rug styles. Her home was designed by Leveson McDavid Architects.  

Thanks to Jenna for her inspirational digs!

Above: my favorite room in her home is this living room. I really like the faux fur against the dark chairs and the bright yellow 2 seater lends a perfect pop of color to this space! Let's NOT forget the amazing chandelier...this definitely adds a touch of glam along with the zebra skin rug.

Above: The fact that you can see straight through her home from end-to-end is just stunning! That is why I adore town homes. 

Above: Let's get something straight many of you have an ENTIRE room for a closet??!? Probably not many of us. Perhaps this is why we can't get enough of her closet room. It's like a DREAM come true!!!!

Above: One of the cutest and most daring nurseries I've seen online. The part that stands out the most are the STRIPES on the ceiling. I also loved the two back to back faux furs on the floor for a soft and furry feel!



  1. Is it okay to share your dream? Because this is definitely the home of my daydreams!

  2. I really don't think I could get enough of this home! Especially that closet room.... droooool, it's so dreamy ;)

  3. The stripes on the ceiling are a fantastic idea. I had not seen that before. And that closet!!??? Out of this world. I can see why you love her town home. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your dream home, MY dream home. Want to fight over it?!? :)

  5. Yess, I always thought this place was great! so bare yet so much character,, beautiful.
    I actually turned one of my spare bedrooms into my closet and makeup area -It's great! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love the black and white with a punch of color.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. I am in love with the color combo of gray & yellow. It's so chic, yet welcoming.

    I love your dream home! :) Enjoy your weekend.

  8. So glad you shared!! I have had a Dream Nursery in my mind ever since I saw it in Domino a few years ago. Looking at your pictures I thought, "Huh... that yellow-striped room looks so similar to my Dream Nursery!" Then I saw your J.Crew tag at the bottom of the post and realized, "OMG! I think it's the same room but it's just starting to grow up!" Now I just need to go find that old Dominio and see if I'm right :) ALSO! I actually came over to let you know that there's a Stylish Blogger award for you at my site (Book Love!). It's technically supposed to be for a book blog, but I just love MadeByGirl and I wanted to spread the love around. Have a great weekend!

  9. She has the Midas touch. It's impeccable.

    Thank you for posting. Bon weekend a vous tous! Cheers.

  10. Oh I love her home sooooo much! That closet is to die for! You're probably right though, it's because we all don't have an entire closet room! lol...

  11. this is one space I could move right into and not change a thing, including the closet!


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