Thank you to these bloggers.....

If you're thinking of featuring my work in an upcoming post, please let me know when you do & I'll include you in the next thank you post!

unplggd by apartment therapy

If you posted about my work & didn't see your blog here, let me know & I'll try to include it next time around. Thanks!



  1. Wow thanks for putting up my header! I was shocked to see it there with all those other amazing blogs not mention listed on one of my favourite blogs! I might just have to buy my favourite print of yours. I was waiting for mother's day, it came and went and the hints didn't help! Oh- well :)

  2. Ahh, Thanks, Jen!! So appreciate the call-out! :) P.S. My friends/readers keep telling me how much they like your prints! :)

  3. Great now I have more folks to look for.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. thanks for the mention, jen! very sweet of you :)

  5. Thanks for mentioning Urban Style Vibes* My readers just love your work and so do I:-)


    Lise M.

  6. Hi Jen, thank you for putting up my blog on this post. It was a pleasure to feature your custom name print on my playroom re-do. I still have not painted that room but I will eventually get it done and when I do the name poster will be ordered. Love the fact that I can custom color it!! Wonderful!! Thanks again for the mention and Happy Monday to YOU!! Kathysue

  7. You are very sweet Jen :)
    I am sure people love to share your blog and work with others.
    I posted about your work as well,, but no need to thank me- it's great stuff. ;-)


  8. KATHY SUE: Oh great! Looking forward to it. :)))

  9. Just wrote a quick post thanking you for the mention! Ordered my fav print. Can't wait to hang it up!

  10. Hi Jen. Tks for the link! xoxo, LĂș


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