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Hey guys! I am finally REVEALING the main reason why I haven't been on my blog much.
For those of you who've been with me since the beginning in 2006 - and remember my first post may seem odd that I've been taking such a BIG break from blogging!  But like everything else in life, this too gets a bit boring.  Sometimes we just need a break, a refresher.... to re-think what else we'd like to try & hopefully accomplish in our lives.  So, here's a small look into what I've been working on lately.

Ever since Noah popped into the mix - I've been thinking more & more about clothing for KIDS.  I LOVE TO CREATE.  I love painting, drawing, designing & coming up with new ideas & concepts. In fact, both of my businesses were about ART that I created for people's homes.  So, after contemplating this for quite some time,  I decided to try my hand at a market that is completely saturated & competitive.  I'm talking about kids apparel. 

Trust me, I realize I am taking a BIG risk in jumping into an industry that is already full of wonderful talent. Even with the same hesitation & fear many of you felt at first... I am ready & here I come!

As I said, this is a NEW market for me.  My head keeps going back & forth between fear & excitement.  I had forgotten what this fear felt like after running my previous business, Made By Girl for over 10 years.  Throughout that time, I remember many women emailing me & asking how they could start their own businesses. They always wondered if they would be able to put aside their own fears & introduce their business ideas to the world.  I often wonder what many of those women ended up doing.  Well, here I am, back at the 'starting line' with another adventure ready to be introduced. 

For me, this is yet another medium to express my art.  I am super EXCITED about these hand-drawn designs for kids tees I created.  I really think other moms will love them too!  The t-shirts are all screen-printed & we will be launching ONLY 8-10 designs to start! We will ACTUALLY be RE-branding the Cocoa & Hearts website & launching it into this new brand. Hope it doesn't cause too much confusion! If you want to know the launch date + news updates -  feel free to sign up to the newsletter here.

I hope you will welcome this NEW & fun kids brand we are launching SOON - from one MAMA to another, THANK YOU in advance!!!!

-images & post by jen ramos

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Hey guys! It's been awhile but I have been mostly on SNAPCHAT as (CocoaAndHearts) these days as well as my instagram

But I've also been hitting the gym a bit more to try & work out and get my tone back. 
You see, after Noah came I really slacked off going to the gym. It really feels horrible to look at myself in the mirror and not see my abs as toned anymore...or even feel as tight all over. Going to gym really helped my bloating issues, I could eat & not feel BLOATED.

So in order to motivate myself & get back to the gym.... I decided to buy some new work-out leggings! Anyone else EVER get motivated when they buy a new outfit??! I do!  I also thought I'd make it easy for you to shop some cute leggings by rounding up 5 of my favorites.  Enjoy your work-out!

Which is your favorite?

1. adidas by stella mccartney 2. adidas by stella mccartney  (I have this one)
3.  Gray adidas by Stella Mccartney  4. norma kamali stretch leggings  5. lucas hugh leggings 

-post by jen ramos

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