design: decorating your small entryway

The good thing about the entryway, is that no matter how small it is, it's possible to glam it up. A small console can go a long way with great accessories and some killer art. I love absolutely everything about those entryways below from the abstract paintings to the little furry stools and gold details. I think my heart is won by the monochrome one though, which one do you prefer??

1 Zincdoor // 2 Etsy // 3 Kathy Kuo home // 4 Target // 5 H&M // 6 Shopcandelabra // 7 Amara // 

-post by Monika

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Behind-the-scenes Photo Shoot Video

Earlier this year, we shot for Adore Magazine in my studio space.  

Photographer, Taleen Dersdepanian shot some amazing images of me in a flowery Milly Dress while Makeup artist Mayela Vazquez did my makeup. (which I loved).  I wanted to share this behind-the-scenes short promo video they shot during our photoshoot. Check it out below. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Here's the video, it needs a little brightening... but you get the picture. Click on full screen to get a better view! ENJOY!

-photo by taleen
-post by jen ramos
-makeup by mayela vazquez

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Summer Favorite: Lace Up Flats

Have you seen the "it" shoes all over instagram and on fashion blogs? I'm talking about the Lace Up Flats by M. Gemi - The Brezza from Italy.  Too bad, they're SOLD OUT.  I know, I know... they do have a hefty price tag (cha-ching)...but I bet they're made amazingly well!   I've always loved Italian shoes for their quality.

If you're not willing to dish out for the Brezza, there are many other options floating around online you may also like!  I found a few similar styles if you're also stalking this show like I am.  - I already have the Finest Ghillie Lace up flats from top shop, which you'll find in a few other colors & options if you search their site. 

So, tell me ladies - Are any of you stalking these shoes too?!?!?

Have a nice weekend everyone!! 

- model pic via my favorite fashion blogger shalince noel 

1. M. Gemi The brazza
2. loeffler randall lace up flats
3. lace up flats anthropologie
4. kingdom ghille pointed flats via topshop
5. finest ghille lace up flats via topshop
6. lace up via zara
7. christy leather point toe flats via aquazzura

-post by jen ramos

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My Tibi Picks

Hello everyone! It's getting close to the end of the week & the weather here in NYC is SERIOUSLY humid.  I'm NOT a fan of humidity SO so when I need to shop for clothing, I end up shopping online instead of battling the sticky heat.

Enter Tibi ....this is one of those shops I go to when I want a great flowyyy skirt. I admit though, Tibi - although one of my faves, isn't always as affordable for me. I do love their shop, their clothing is always so chic & sophisticated. You'll definitely want to check them out! My top picks for late-summer at Tibi are below.

What do you think? Do you find yourself shopping online when the weather isn't ideal?

-post by jen ramos

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Hello Jeans: Charge your phone in your jeans

Have you been out so long that your phone died?

Maybe you were checking your email or skimming through instagram - either way, when our phones runs low on battery, many of us get anxious! I know I do! -  Sometimes it even feels like a dead phone is being disconnected from the world.  Let's face it, many of us live on our phones.  We use it for almost everything.  Every chic & trendy gal wants to have a working phone when she's on the go! So, what happens when your phone is running low on battery? Let me introduce you to #Hello Jeans from Joe's Jeans

This newly released jean features new patent-pending pockets for your iPhone & a battery pack connected to a detachable USB cord that plugs directly into your phone.  How cool is that?  You can charge your phone anywhere, anytime without having to stop at those annoyingly packed charger stations! The jean is available is a variety of style & colors, including - gray, distressed, black, indigo and washed indigo. I admit, I'm buying the Mid-rise skinny in Kalia & I'll let you know how I like them.

In the meanwhile, you HAVE to watch how these work. Scroll down and watch the short vid.

-post by jen ramos

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Tomorrow is August 15th, my birthday.  

Funny, I remember how much fun we had last year on this day.  I blogged about it here.
We were offered a stay-cation from the people over at Loews Regency at their hotel, which we LOVED....thank God, because we needed the rest. We were even allowed to bring our boxer Darla (miss her), she was happy & so well-behaved during our stay.  Last year around the same time, we also started our adoption process.  Mostly on faith, we went for it...not having all the funds quite yet, but believing that God would provide when the time came to hold our child.  God is fascinating, because he gives us hope & that hope leads us to our future. 

Just like in Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Today, I sit here in awe of the changes in my life this year.  This birthday is one I'll always remember ....because it is the first birthday I get to hold this little boy, our son.  My husband & I are so grateful.  So many birthdays went by where I prayed & blew out candles wishing for a child...and tomorrow my only wish will be that Noah would LOVE us as much as WE LOVE HIM.  For the big day, my husband has planned a few things, and as some of you may know - he's a complete charmer when he tries to impress me.  Don't believe me?  Here's what he did last year.  Getting gifts is nice - but knowing that you have LOVE, is best gift ever.

I keep wondering what the rest of my birthdays will hold for me.  If you ask me right now, I'd love to
  • travel more by road (not fond of flying)
  • continue to work on my marriage (keeping it strong)
  • get involved more with helping others in some way
  • maybe write a book & tell my story, inspire others
  • paint more 
  • keep working out & staying healthy
  • raise my son in a Godly way

"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." - Proverbs 16:9 - so we shall see.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-post by jen ramos

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Fashion: Reformation

Today, I want to introduce you to a shop I really love called Reformation

They're a fashion brand that supports & practices sustainability.  The company is fairly new, (created in 2009), and led by Yael Aflalo.  They design & manufacture limited-edition collections in their  own sustainable factory located in Los Angeles. I love this concept because the prices are more affordable while still obtaining a quality product. Smart. 

For me personally, I love this brand, they have a unique style & their collections are simple & sophisticated.  Here are a few of my faves from their shop.  Unfortunately for me, I wanted this Avalon top (in black), but it's sold out!  But,  I also love this Moraine top in black.  

What do you think of their collection?

-post by jen ramos

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Stokke Baby

Have you checked out my instagram lately? 

I posted about this super cool baby carrier by StokkeBaby.  Love it. Of course, I chose the all-black one for Noah, and he seems pretty comfy in it. It does have a lot  of straps, but I suppose that's a good thing to keep the baby secure and snug right
It supports the baby and my back doesn't feel like it's giving out either. This carrier is hip & of course functional - I  recommend it. You can buy the same one here.

Check out a few more shots on my instagram.

-by jen ramos

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My August Wishlist 2

Hello everyone, hope you're enjoying your Tuesday so far. I've been thinking about my birthday wishes (and yes, on a SUPERFICIAL-level), because the things I truly desire cannot be bought...but since this is my blog, and I ENJOY fashion, we'll start there.

So, August is my birth month. On the 15th I'll be a year older & with that I am posting a few wish lists so that my husband can see some of the things I like.  A lot of times I have NO CLUE what to get him for his birthday either, I admit. So every year I put together a few wishlists on my blog to help him out. This is actually my 2nd list,  here is my 1st.

Maybe you'd like some of these too for your Birthday if you're a fellow Leo like me?

1/    agnes sandal by joie
2/  current elliot skinny jeans
3/   booties via the outnet
4/ givenchy le rouge lipstick corail signature
5/   black nike
6/   DVF dress
8/    cassina dress via joie
9/   green pumps via schutz

-post by jen ramos

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Baby Gap is one of my go-to places to shop when I'm looking for cute & whimsical baby clothing. Since Noah was born, I've shopped there & I love their selection!  They have the cutest illustrations on their jumpsuits and onesies. 

I find that a lot of baby clothing stores can be a bit tacky...meaning too bright & colorful. Not at Baby Gap, they're kids clothing are simple, yet still fashionable & fun!  These are my FAVE picks for both boys & girls this Summer. 


-Post by jen ramos

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beauty: How-to-fake it with bronzer

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer! Hi, Monica here from Beauty Parler. You don't need a lecture from a beauty blogger about the dangers of suntanning. By now most of you know that the best way to fake a tan is using a bronzer. However, finding the right bronzer might mean buying a few to find the right shade and finish. Here are a few staples of mine that are just the right shade of brown without looking too muddy or red. A few are meant for more shimmer while others are great as a contour powder.

Which bronzers are your favourites?

-post by monica darosa  

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