Behind-the-scenes Photo Shoot Video

Earlier this year, we shot for Adore Magazine in my studio space.  

Photographer, Taleen Dersdepanian shot some amazing images of me in a flowery Milly Dress while Makeup artist Mayela Vazquez did my makeup. (which I loved).  I wanted to share this behind-the-scenes short promo video they shot during our photoshoot. Check it out below. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Here's the video, it needs a little brightening... but you get the picture. Click on full screen to get a better view! ENJOY!

-photo by taleen
-post by jen ramos
-makeup by mayela vazquez



  1. Love this! Its so lovely to get a peep behind the scenes!

  2. Wow....real awesome!!

  3. nice look ; -))


    new post

  4. Love the transition from your paint brushes to the make up brush!! Everything is an art!! Very pretty. xo Leslie


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