design: decorating your small entryway

The good thing about the entryway, is that no matter how small it is, it's possible to glam it up. A small console can go a long way with great accessories and some killer art. I love absolutely everything about those entryways below from the abstract paintings to the little furry stools and gold details. I think my heart is won by the monochrome one though, which one do you prefer??

1 Zincdoor // 2 Etsy // 3 Kathy Kuo home // 4 Target // 5 H&M // 6 Shopcandelabra // 7 Amara // 

-post by Monika



  1. I have the one on the left at our house ;) I should send you some photos of that, one of these days ;)

  2. Love abstract art!! It's a game changer for any room and a great starting point as well. Personally, I like the colourful one!


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