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Hope you all are enjoying your Summer! Hi, Monica here from Beauty Parler. You don't need a lecture from a beauty blogger about the dangers of suntanning. By now most of you know that the best way to fake a tan is using a bronzer. However, finding the right bronzer might mean buying a few to find the right shade and finish. Here are a few staples of mine that are just the right shade of brown without looking too muddy or red. A few are meant for more shimmer while others are great as a contour powder.

Which bronzers are your favourites?

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  1. I like the Balm's Bahama Mama. Nice color and not shimmery.

  2. I'm uber picky about bronzers bc I need them to be brownish, not orange. My faves are Nars Laguna and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. The only prob w/ the Soleil is that you do want to EAT IT bc it actually smells like chocolate, lol!

  3. i am ALL about a good bronzer, especially as a fair-skinned girl. I've been using bare minerals for the past year and i love it! although i used to use physicians formula and really liked that too!


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