Summer Favorite: Lace Up Flats

Have you seen the "it" shoes all over instagram and on fashion blogs? I'm talking about the Lace Up Flats by M. Gemi - The Brezza from Italy.  Too bad, they're SOLD OUT.  I know, I know... they do have a hefty price tag (cha-ching)...but I bet they're made amazingly well!   I've always loved Italian shoes for their quality.

If you're not willing to dish out for the Brezza, there are many other options floating around online you may also like!  I found a few similar styles if you're also stalking this show like I am.  - I already have the Finest Ghillie Lace up flats from top shop, which you'll find in a few other colors & options if you search their site. 

So, tell me ladies - Are any of you stalking these shoes too?!?!?

Have a nice weekend everyone!! 

- model pic via my favorite fashion blogger shalince noel 

1. M. Gemi The brazza
2. loeffler randall lace up flats
3. lace up flats anthropologie
4. kingdom ghille pointed flats via topshop
5. finest ghille lace up flats via topshop
6. lace up via zara
7. christy leather point toe flats via aquazzura

-post by jen ramos



  1. Love the lines of #7. Love a pretty flat! Thank you for sharing. xo Leslie

  2. Such pretty flats! I know these are going to be a staple of my this coming season!

  3. Oh my gosh I'm craving a pair of these. I've pretty much only ever owned rounded to flats but it's time to seek a pair of these pointy toed lace up beauties.


  4. Love those lace up pumps!

    I definitely need a pair!


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