Always nice to see my work....

I came across these cute pics of the my prints, available via my shop - Madebygirl. The kids, customizable one, is perfect for mom's to be. Via Head of the Table blog. The Love candy in Lemon is from La Mia Vita blog & last but not least, the Deeply Madly in Love print seen at Jasmine Starr Photography. Thank you everyone!

If you've purchased any one of my prints/artwork...feel free to email me a picture of it hung up. I may just post it on the blog. : )


  1. The yellow & gray elephant baby shower was done by the talented, Kim @ Head of The Table!

  2. That must make you feel all warm and fuzzy. They've been used in such a great way too.

    Congratulations Jen. xx

  3. I love the yellow and grey :-)

  4. wow, the top photo is amazing. it looks like the starter page for a great love editorial in a magazine...(a wedding or even a 50th wedding anniversary party!)

  5. Ooo to the grey, black and yellow version of your print. I love love love love it! (That was maybe too much love!) ;)

  6. wow that baby shower looks amazing and they print is perfect there!

    thanks for sharing mine!

  7. gosh i'm so jealous that you are that talent!!!!

  8. OMG! I just found your blog through Tiffany at I am Style-ish and I love's lovely, but not only that, I have been seeing your art around and wondering where on earth I can get it-The For Like Ever is PERFECT...and not only do I stumble on a fabulous blog, but the artist I have been looking for!!! I'm so excited...going to your shop right now, and totally following you!

    Sorry to be such a gusher, I'm just really're brilliant! :)

  9. The yellow and grey is my favorite! I just wanted to say I love your blog! Your very talented! I left you something on my blog.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. : )
    However, the FOR LIKE EVER print isn't mine....I wish.
    The DEEPLY MADLY IN LOVE to the left is my design. :)

  11. yayyy! your items are always so happy and beautiful :D


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