My HOLIDAY Wishlist....

I've gathered my list for Santa this year & although it's not the most affordable, I have a feeling I'll be getting at least 2-3 items on my list! That is, because I've been a good gal this year.....worked hard, blogged almost everyday, donated money to charity, called my mom (at least once a day) & gave my fiance' many, many kisses. 

Have a wonderful & safe Holiday everyone, I'll be popping in with a few other postings before Christmas!

1. Me + You t-shirt - Forever 21
2. The Carrie diaries - Amazon
3. La Mer Collection wrap Watch - La Mer Collection
4. Satchel Marc by Marc Jacobs - Nordstroms
5. Acca Kappa White Moss Scent - Acca Kappa
6. Fiorentini + Baker Buckle Boots -  La Garconne
7. Handmade elephant tape dispenser  - Iomoi
8. Gold vase- Jonathan Adler
9. My Cuppa - Suck UK


  1. that mug is hilarious!! i love it, esp when i drink my coffee (not tea) with enough creamer to match my skin tone :p

  2. The Marc Jacobs Satchel is so pristine-ly perfect.

  3. Fantastic list! Hope you get everything you wish! and beautiful engagement ring! I'm sure you will have an amazing wedding!

  4. nice wish list...i want that watch too. so glam!

  5. omg!! I am totally stealing your wishlist this is amazing. And somehow I didn't know about the new Bushnel book...I will have to get on that asap!

  6. The Elephant tape dispenser is simply wonderful! I love it! What an original idea to make a tape dispenser in the shape of an elephant!!!

    Happy holidays, Jennifer!!

  7. Hope you get what you wish for Jen.
    Your ring is lovely.
    Happy Holidays to you too !!! :)

  8. Oh, the Marc Jacobs bag is gorgeous!

  9. i have a la mer watch on my wishlist too!!!
    now i want to add that fun t!!
    great list

  10. HOLLY:
    Yea, I thought it was funny too. I am more the coffee drinker as well, but they were sold out...go figure!

  11. JESSICA:
    The new Candace Bushnell book doesn't hit stores until April of next year....but you can pre-order it. I didn't know about it until last week..saw it on Access Hollywood!

  12. I'm loving those boots, I think they may have to go onto my list to Santa if i'm not too late! Have a wonderful holiday and all the best for the wedding (gorgeous ring you lucky gal).

  13. #3 The gorgeous watch from La Mer...I own and LOVE. You must buy it!!

  14. me encanta tu lista cariño
    pero el bolso me fascina por encima de todo

  15. Oh... Love this mugs :)
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Wish you great Sunday.


  16. The t-shirt is amazing! Really hope you get that gifts you want.
    Happy holidays!

  17. LOVE your #4 & #8 picks!!! I hope you get most everything on your list this year - sounds like you deserve it :)

  18. I like those coffee mugs. Suck UK has some great things, don't they?

  19. The t-shirt is so cute!! Great list1


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