1st EVER Cocoa & Hearts Giveaway...

Welcome back! How was your weekend? I've been missing NYC again, mainly that BIG city vibe. Some of you who live in suburbia like myself may know what I mean.... Oh well, back to work as usual. 
So, here I am bringing you a lovely GIVEAWAY- not mine, but from Linh over at La La Linh blog

The cool part is she's giving away one of my 8x10 Cocoa & Hearts paintings! What a generous thing for her to do!!  

You can go here to enter the giveaway, but please be kind & follow the rules. GIVEAWAY closes on July 14th! Good luck! 

 above: the painting that Linh is giving away! Thanks Linh!

-image by jen ramos


  1. I love your work!! will be entering in this one. XO


  2. Linking over now- I LOVE that painting of yours!

  3. Thanks so much Jen! I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now - the blog is literally exploding. :) You are soooo loved!!! :) Glad to make someone's day with this great painting! I'm more excited to see where he/she will put this beautiful piece and would love to see pics. Have a great Monday!

  4. Wow!! What a fantastic giveaway!! I love your paintings, and the one she's giving away would fit right in with my color scheme!!

  5. Amazing works! I was just looking at these the other day and trying to figure out how to get one myself!

    It would make my month to win one!

  6. Your paintings are all lovely!

    Hope you are having a great start to the new week,

    xx, Sarah

  7. I'm dying for one of your paintings! It's as if I've been looking for your abstract paintings all my life and finally found them! I can't afford the larger ones, and 8x10 is too small for what I need, so I was hoping you'd consider offering 16x20 or other sizes in the future. <3

  8. Love your paintings...thanks for the link.

  9. So pretty! I love all these paintings!


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