Designer Shaun Smith, So Cool....

Aren't you glad it's Friday!?!? Heck yes. I'm still supposed to meet with my intern this afternoon but I think I'm going to reschedule! This day is just too perfect.... 86 degrees!

Now onto Design.....I recently learned about New Orleans based designer Shaun Smith while flipping through Lonny Magazine. Let's just say he's got it going on....he's super cute and has a tremendous amount of style. Can you beat that? Ok, maybe Campion Platt...BUT this is all about Shaun Smith today. 

below: inside Shaun's shop....

His style is SIMPLE - we all can do simple right? BUT it's also chic with a blend of different time periods. 

In fact when I look at his Interiors, I get the sense that that THIS GUY has traveled the world....loading his rooms with vintage & modern furnishings of various time periods. 

If I ever make it down to New Orleans, his store will be a must-visit for me!  

For those interested in giving this shop a visit here's the 411: 

Shaun Smith Home
3947 Magazine St.

-all images via shaun smith home



  1. Whites with pops of color are my favorite right now.

  2. Definitely loving that old world chandelier!

  3. Love his style. Very eclectic chic!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jen!


  4. 5th picture down. Love how that classic painting is in a bright blue frame. Oh yes, we can be friends.

  5. Shaun's store is two blocks from mine and I have to say he is the sweetest shop-guy in the city! He is the best!
    -e (

  6. What a fabulous looking little shop ! And I love that bedroom with the blue curtains ! He has got great style.


  7. Great style! Enjoy the sunshine!

  8. The shop exterior is just beautiful! Nicolex

  9. It is just gorgeous! I didn't know about that designer... I'm gonna visit the website right now, thanks! =)

  10. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    Love that dining room - what a great mix of styles!

  11. Love this!! will be on my list to visit... love Jan Showers and Visual Comfort lamp. two of my favorites!!!

  12. This shop looks amazing! Inside and out. Thanks for the 411!!!

    xo elizabeth

  13. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    I love this post - so inspiring and boy is his style right up mu street. Dreaming that some day I'll have a shop/studio like this xx

  14. What a gorgeous space!! Wish I lived nearby!

  15. Stunning! That gothic-style desk is absolutely amazing!

  16. Well THANK YOU for all of the wonderful compliments! And a big thanks for featuring Shauns shop and designs on your blog!

    We just started a blog for the shop so you can follow projects we work on and new inventory at the shop!

    Thanks again and we love your blog!

    - Betsey & Shaun @ Shaun Smith Home


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