Guest Blogger: Carrie from Bloomacious- (7 Must-haves for your New Years party)

I’m Carrie Leber and my magazine, Bloomacious is a mix of style news and ideas. The amazing MadeByGirl herself, Jennifer thought I might have a few thoughts for must haves for New Year’s partying. I’ve been to a few of these over the years and I must say that while you can go way over the top, there are a few ingredients make it a night like no other:

1) You simply must have at least two gals who love to holler, particularly after they’ve gotten a few drinks in them. While you may tire, or want to sneak off into a quiet dark corner at some point – the party gals will act as cheerleaders for your guests, keeping them perked up and entertained until at least midnight.

2) Something really spectacular to drink – can be either alcoholic or non, and not necessarily super expensive – it should just be a combination that’s a little unusual like Proseco with a float of Frambois, or sparkling cider spiked with cherry juice. Let your imagination guide you.

3) No matter where you are, the quintessential New Year’s moment is when the ball drops in Times Square. If you don’t have at least one TV in the vicinity of your party, guests will get restless wondering what’s going on in the Big Apple. Don’t torture them – just tune in. Sound off or on.

4) Wear high heels. These are from Jimmy Choo.

5) Don’t let the music stop for a moment on New Year’s and don’t fool yourself into playing romantic or orchestral tunes. People want to dance and act out. Rock with as many disco hits as you can gather for the big night.

6) Like your heels, your dress should be scandalous. This doesn’t mean expensive, but when you look back at the pictures from the night years later you’ll want to fondly remember how great you felt in your outfit.

7) If you incorporate no other decoration into the evening, dim the lights and spark up as many candles as you can get your hands on. It’s instant magic!

8) Most important, scope out your kissing partner for midnight early. It can be a lover, baby, dog, or doll – just make sure you love them enough to want to make the jump into the new year with them.


  1. Love it all! Happy New Year

  2. The baby is the best part but my night will consist of all the other stuff!! Great list! Happy new year to you both xoc

  3. Great post! Happy New Year Jennifer & all the best for 2009:)

  4. Love the dress, and the shoes- Happy New Year!


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