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We at MadeByGirl have just turned our BROOKLYN cards into awesome posters! This piece of artwork is personal to me, being from NYC and all. My best friend lived in Williamsburg for years & when I finally got around to visiting, I fell in LOVE with Brooklyn. The cafes, furniture shops & all the artsy people surrounding you! There was so much culture, unlike any place I'd ever been. The poster is available in another color via my shop: MadeByGirl. (enjoy our weekend).

Any Brooklyn people out there??? Please feel free to leave your comments. Thanks!
*Artwork & photos by Jennifer Ramos


  1. FABULOUS! It makes me wish I was from Brooklyn. Congratulations on such a bold and vibrant piece!

  2. BK Baby! :)
    I wuv Brooklyn, DUMBO, Clinton Hill, Flatbush some of my fave places on earth. hmmmm, memories. London Bridge has nothing on the Brooklyn Bridge in my heart.

  3. I spent some of my 12 years in the city living in Brooklyn - unfortunately on the wrong side of the park. I remember Williamsburg well when it was still the new frontier. I hear even Greenpoint is becoming a fashionable neighborhood these days!
    Love your poster!

  4. YEA!!!
    bought the cards.... and now we can have something to remind us of our time in brooklyn heights!!

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. Hi Marie Louise,
    Yes, there can be some crappy parts in Brooklyn just like any neighborhood...but i agree, Greenpoint is developing in the similar style of Williamsburg. Lucky for the people who have already bought property there!

  6. Hey Heather, thanks so much! : )

  7. Hi Jhaute,

    I agree with you....but them again I STILL need to make a trip out to London and you bet I will go see that London Bridge!

  8. Even though I'm personally "done" with the whole Brooklyn thing, I really like how this looks and can imagine this doing really well. Great colors!! :)

  9. Marilyn, how can you be done with Brooklyn? HEHE
    Oh well....thanks anyways for the nice compliment! : )

  10. I mean it with love. :)

  11. i have never lived in brooklyn. i have never even visited there on my trips to NYC but this art is AWESOME! and your post now makes me want to visit. you have such a great blog. i LOVE your posts. such great inspiration!!!

  12. love this! i think you should make posters for all the major cities... like chicago perhaps? hint.. hint.


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