Dress up your iPhone...

Yay! I finally received my Fabrix phone case. I love it! Its not the easiest thing to pull your phone out of, but it holds it secure which is good. You don't want your phone falling out! Anyway, they come in several different colors and styles. To see them ALL, visit their website here.



  1. cute!! Does the IPhone come free with the pretty case??? I wish!

  2. what does the other side look like?
    do you have to remove it from the case to use it everytime or does it have a "window"?

  3. To Layers of meaning,

    The other side of it is EXACTLY the same as the side being shown in the picture. AND yes you have to remove it every time you want to make a call etc.
    Some people hate that..I don't mind...its my dress up and go out case...mostly. : )

  4. What a nice case, Jennifer! That would have been my choice from their website, too! I just got my very first iPhone and opted to get the rubber case from the Apple store. I really would rather have a pretty handmade one like yours. I was afraid I'd hurt my phone if I didn't protect it first. Should I go for it?

  5. Hi Liana,

    I also have the rubber case for a more protective feeling....however i bought this one, which has padding...for times that i want to dress up and make my case look stylish and not so ugly. I'd say it was a nice gift and works for me... : )


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