Handbags Inpired by Marc Jacobs & more....

Ok ladies, we all love handbags right?  Well, after seeing this post on Le Musings of Moi blog, I emailed Summer & asked about her super cute purse!  She pointed me to Fashion Junkee, a site that sells handbags inspired by famous designers such as: Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Prada & more!  I ended up buying the Marc Jacobs (inspired) black chain handbag!  The reason why most of these bags are so affordable is because:
1. They aren't real leather & 2. they aren't designed by the 'actual' designer.  

Of course they aren't the real thing,  but there are times some people want to be practical!  If I had purchased a REAL designer handbag every time I bought a bag, I'D HAVE 35 DESIGNER BAGS in my closet right now!!  Now that's a lot of money $$$$.  So, I usually try to buy low some days & high others... 

How about you?  Do you own lots of designer purses?  How many total purses do you have??





  1. Oh !!! The bags are beautiful! I have a few bags of designers as Gucci, Chanel and Vuitton! But I use them for many years now! And sometimes I want to wear another bag and these bags here are just wonderful!

  2. love the pink one bottega like, gorgeous. Thanks for sharing I'll check them out!

  3. I don't own many designer purses, right now I only own a purse from Zara and one from Aldo.

  4. Jen, I loved the pink bag,it´s so cute!!!! I don´t have many bags right now because I hate wearing a new one everyday. I always feel that I´ll forget sth important when I change bags. So I just wear different bags during the weekend or for special occasions!!!!

  5. Hi! I have this same handbag inspired by Marc Jacobs:)

    All the best

    Anita ( from Poland )

  6. i cannot carry a fake! it just doesn't feel right. 6 LVs, 1 dior, 1 fendi, 1 chanel, 1 dolce gabanna, 2 furlas, and a handful of no names that i think are just as cool...these have been accumulated over 10 years. purses are my 1 guilty pleasure and i hope to have a wonderful collection to pass on to my grandchildren someday!!

  7. I'm really not much of a purse hoard. I have a few really great pieces that I just carry around all the time, although they are getting pretty worn out, so I'm going to check out fashionjunkee.

    By the way, I'm super interested in your re-do of your home office. I'm looking forward to new pictures :)


  8. Yes, I love handbags and this is a good site...great selection! Thank you!

  9. I'm with you! Love the one Louis that I have, my oversized Michael Kors bag, about 4 Betsy Johnson and a slu of Coach! Okay so maybe one big ticket item on there.... Designers Bags aren't really a big deal to me.. I love them yes can I afford them sometimes, but do i need them NO.... its all about style to me... Id rock a target bag if it was cute enough with pride! I'm checking this site out! THANKS GIRL..

  10. Oh no. I didn't see that pink one!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

    I am SO going there today for that one.

    And seriously. Do you just die for that site? =)

    ....and thanks for the linky love! MWA!

  11. i'm buying that MJ purse on Friday!! ahhhh! thank you! :)

  12. I would love to have more than one designer's handbag but i can't! so e-shop like this can make me smile for just 45 dollars

  13. Oooh...this is a fun question! I have a small stash of go-to bags that I wear constantly. I am incredibly lucky, as my stepmom has gifted me two incredible cole haan bags, one that I wear everyday and the other I reserve for special occasions. I also inherited a prada bag from my great grandmother!

    Other than those, I have a few inexpensive clutches from Target and H&M and two practical messenger style bags for weekend exploring. I'm much more a collector of shoes than bags, because frankly, I hate carrying a purse! I always say, that's what husbands and their pockets are for. ;-)

  14. I've got 4 designer handbags. I prefer the real deal, but I do own no-brand bags too, but they're not counterfeit.

    I love your blog by the way, I always get so inspired.

  15. I would love to own a dozen handbads.. and i do find myself with the basic white and black and chocolate.. but then i have this tendency of giving it to people who i tink are in a handbag emergency!! like my mom and sis... so currently am in need of some solid ones!!!

  16. P.S i am soooo impressed with spearmint baby's collection!!! that is completely to die for!!!

  17. I am also looking forward to your renovation project.. its reat taht you find time to start new projects all the time.. really exciting.. looking forward!!

  18. Wow what a great find I'll be buying one of those bags!!

  19. Thanks so much for this post! I don't really need another addiction, but at least I won't have to worry about my wallet too much with this one!

  20. i own, like, three and that's if i'm being generous!

  21. I have such an insane weakness for bags. So here is my solution, I only have a few good, big, designer tote bags and I do everything I can to avoid going overboard. SOOO...I buy cheap for clutches and trendy little bags! It let's me indulge my desire to have something of the moment but I'm not tempted to overload on reasonably priced bags or buy tons of designer (even though I do think there is some pass down potential - it's still pricey!). Cute post!

  22. i love purses and i think i cant live without them:) i got a few from LV, Gucci,Burberry, Coach and i want to get a few more, i have a ton of no brand name bags too. I always think about the price being so high for designer bags but then i end up buying regardless:)

  23. TIFFANY:
    I love ZARA....I can't imagine having only 2 purses myself , I don't know how you do it! Maybe you have a ton of shoes?? hehe

  24. KATIA:
    I know what you mean Katia....I do that a lot. I change purses often then I end up forgetting something I need in the other handbag. I am getting better at NOT doing that though. The pink one is one of my faves too! OXOXO!

    I think Fashion junkee is a good alternate option if you're not into spending too much $$ all the time. They look cute...so why not?!

    I'm looking forward to showing my office too, hope you like it.

  26. KATHY:
    I've got a few designer bags too....but I wouldn't technically call these counterfeit. That is such a strong word...I prefer Inspired by. :)

    I think if we all had no limits , we'd all PREFER the real deal..no?
    Thank you for visiting my blog XOXO!

    Good way to put it! So would I!

  28. SUMMER:

    Haha I had a feeling you didn't see it...it's too cute! you're welcome!

    Ha! You're probably not the only one who does that... :)

  30. not a fan of "fake" stuff. designers put a lot of thought and hard work into creating these pieces, that in my opinion are works of art. it's the same thing as buying a unauthorized reproduction of a midcentury piece of furniture. i wouldn't do any of the above. i've worked very hard to save up for my bags. i have a collection that makes me happy-3 lv speedy's, 2 fendi sellerias, 1 chanel tote, and about 5 marc jacobs. i have acquired them for the past ten years and alternate them. i rather have quality over quality. and the word 'inspired" doesn't really work for me in this case. obviously, i feel strongly about this.

    what if someone copied your exact posters and sold them for a dollar? it would kind of suck for you. you put thought, energy, and work into your graphic designs, and so do the designers that create these pieces.

  31. TO ANONYMOUS: I normally don't respond to people who post ANONYMOUS...so consider this the last time I do.

    You have the right to your opinion & so do others. Not everyone can afford a Louis or a Gucci...

    The bags are NOT exact replicas of the designer bags. It's obvious since they aren't made out of leather and so on...they are just INSPIRED by.

    I can bet that almost every design out there was inspired by another. Even the bags you own, they were more than likely inspired by other designs and designers.
    I could go on & on about this but I'll stop there. Next time, please post a profile so I can at least know who I'm talking to. Fair is fair..

  32. JEN very well said doll... Anoymous post are so wack... Opinions are appreciated ignorance is not... Gotta love Blogging! But you sassed whoever the million dollar baby was bey classy... over on my block she would have gotten straight cussed out hehe! You've got major points in my book babe! Power to the NEWLYWEDS!

  33. I used to be a bag junkie... especially a knock-off junkie! But after learning more about the knock-off industry I got ride of all of mine.

    I have only 5 handbags total now. One is a Marc Jacobs tote which is authentic but I was lucky enough to find at a thrift store and another is a Marc by Marc Jacobs which I got myself last spring...I love it and even though it costed more than my entire wardrobe, I don't regret the purchase at all and and completely happy with it, I'm just careful as to where I take it and try to take as good of care of it as I can :)

  34. P.S. The bags do NOT have the designer's name on them...

  35. Eu nunca contei antes, sou perdidamente apaixonada por bolsas, e o meu maridinho soh piora a situcao(gracas a Deus)
    mas contei agora, e tenho:
    2 chanel
    1 fendi
    3 furla
    1 hermes
    1 Agnes B.
    1 versace
    4 mulberry
    2 dior
    2 gucci
    1 armani
    1 miu miu
    2 prada
    1 celine
    2 marc jacobs
    2 LV
    1 tods
    1 anya hindmarch
    29 entre zara, banana republic, h&m, e etc
    total 57.
    To passada.. nunca imaginei que tinha tantas.

  36. I totally went to this site and bought one of the Jimmy Choo inspired bags! What a great site!

  37. VIVIANE:
    Now that is some collection...wow!! :)

  38. I NEED that pink bag! Thanks for the scoop. As for me, I have a collection of Coach bags, a gorgeous leather Kate Spade one and my coveted black suede Fendi bag with gold nailhead trim. I love that I bought it nearly five years ago on my honeymoon and it is still so relevant and trendy today! It is my baby :)

  39. TO ALL:

    UPDATE: I got my bag...I LOVE it and it doesn't look cheap at all. It doesn't even have a designer name on it for those of you who thought it did. Yay!

  40. Hi, my name is Luzma and i am a handbagaholic... I own an undisclosed number of bags and i love them because they are so different and unique, i dont pair them with shoes, i dont like shoes i like bags..., specially leather, not necessarily designer, i do have a few of those... but... the most important is that you feel good with them, feel chic, and comfortable...
    Thanks Jen for the post

  41. I love the bags....beautiful...and very good your blog...kisses for you and sucess


  42. I just ordered this in orange. Thanks!

  43. I don't have lots... I'm pretty frugal...right now I only have two which I've had for years! A Miu Miu & that first Marc Jacobs bag in your post.I have some B Makowsky's {much cheaper than designer's} but they're so well made & I get lots of compliments when I use them.


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