Mr. & Mrs. Smith Boutique Hotel Collection (Book Review)

Mr & Mrs Smith, are the boutique hotel specialists representing the coolest, sexiest and most intimate places to stay around the world. I was sent this delightful book to review here on my blog & perhaps you can add this one to your collection. The book has about 359 pages & it is a definitive guide if you're looking for a romantic hideaway in Paris or Rome, a chic country retreat in Southwest Provence or an elegant Urban beach retreat in Santa Monica, California. The Global Shortlist is the 5th in a series of stylish coffee table books from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and the first to be published in the USA.

The book also highlights the best shops, picnic spots & a bunch of other things worth getting out of your hotel bed for! Makes a perfect coffee table book as well...I recommend it!

*Here's a cool EXTRA*:

With the purchase of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Boutique Hotel book, you get an exclusive membership card, giving you access to special offers & extras at hundreds of hotels within this collection! I have my I just need to plan the vacation! : )

Buy your copy here.


  1. It seems very romantic!!

  2. Looks like a rockin good time!
    Love that nightstand!

  3. This looks great!! I need a vacation too!!


  4. Hi Jennifer
    thank you so much for posting about the book - I am so pleased you like it. Let us know when you start planning to get away!

    @parisapartment - the hotel featured on the cover is the Haymarket Hotel in London - designed by the fabulous Kit Kemp.

  5. Love to check out their site, just to see the beautiful hotels. So I can get a book now, great!

  6. I must check this book out! as a flight attendant I sometimes don't have the time to check out hotels, shops, etc..Sleep & eat are top priorities and crew we tend to go to the same places. But this will cut out alot of time when planning vacations:)

  7. I found your blog via Modern glad I came by! As I already told her, I'm buying this book today. I love boutique hotels & this book (or the website rather, not sure if the book features it or not) features one that I'm planning on visiting this year!

    Love your blog!

  8. Hello Tamara,
    Thanks for your comment and response to one of my readers. Also, I took a look at your have some great info...wil let you know when I plan a trip to the UK... : )


    Then this book would be ideal for your line of work. It has so many great resources for BOUTIQUE STYLE hotels...!

  10. Hello DARCI,
    It may feature the one you're looking has many hotels...and lots of cool info. PLUS A MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR all who purchase the book ...the card contains discounts etc. Go ahead & check out the Mr and Mrs Smith site for more info on the card. : )

  11. I would love to read that book and get more information about boutique hotels. There is one hotel, The St. James in Cape Town, I don't know if its name is mentioned in the book. It is one of the 5 hotels of The Last Word Retreat ( I came to know about the hotel through a friend of mine, who stayed there on his honeymoon. On my trip to Cape Town, I thought of trying the hotel once and now I have become a big fan of its exclusive service.


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