Thank You...

Sorry this is a bit late BUT.......Thank you to all these awesome & kind bloggers who were sweeeeeeeet enough to feature MadeByGirl products onto their blogs. Please check them out. Have a great weekend! *(Just click on the photo to go to their page). REMEMBER, if you'd like to be featured in my next 'Thank You' post, just let me know that you've done a post on any product in my shop. Thanks!

and more:


  1. her's one more:

  2. Here's another... I showcased it and bought one! I just got it in the mail and I am so in "love"!

  3. one finally made it to my door and is no longer on my "if i had a christmas list!" i bought the steel color one and i cant wait to hang it up in our new house- THANK-YOU!!

  4. wow, that's so fabulous!! way to go :-)

  5. hey :) I posted one today too, earlier...did you see it. Love that print. You rock!

  6. I featured the LOVE sign without even realizing it's yours. I love it!

  7. Oh yay!!! Congratulations.
    I am popping over to see your shop RIGHT NOW!
    Happy New Year love and may you be prosperous and healthy and happy~!
    blogs and tea!!!!!

  8. congrats! it's all well deserved!

  9. how sweet of you to thank bloggers who have supported your art. i have truly been a fan. on my blog i have your pink "Love" sign and the colorful "Dream" card, also "God Is Love". i really love your work. have a great day!

    God Bless,

  10. Hi! I have also talked about you:

  11. Hey there! I love your prints and have blogged about them too!


  12. Thanks jen for the link love! it was my pleasure to spread the word about your awesome designs. and I think my post might even have resulted in a sale or two--at least, I hope so!

    hope you had a great weekend :)


  13. You're all sooo very WELCOME! So nice to read all your comments... ; )
    AND To those who are posting my work now, no worries, just let me know and I will definitely INCLUDE you in my NEXT THANK you post. : )

    All the best!


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