I neeeeeed some new A-R-T....

I am in the process of changing out these old empty frames and adding some ART, then placing the UK flag painting elsewhere in my home. I think the empty frame trend is just about done.....don't you? However, I want to add a bunch of frames placed close together...this time with art in them, including some of my own. Here are 11 pieces (with the exception of 2 that are mine) that I'd like to see on my wall. What do you think of my selections??? Any art you'd recommend?? I'd also like to keep all the pieces relatively small. Would love to hear from anyone....please leave some links or comments thanks!



  1. ahhh....I just love etsy art.

    Have you seen the art from thisyounghouse.com? They have some cute initials ones.

  2. If you are into fashion photography, may I suggest my own little etsy shop? Perhaps something there will strike your fancy! :)

  3. Well...I will shamelessly say to come check out my Etsy store. Hehehehe. There is a big pretty poppy that is because of my love of England. You might like it or something else ;)

  4. oh, your photo won't load. :( I'm going to try again.

  5. Girl, art is MY LIFE! I breathe it. I don't know, I'm still liking the empty frame trend..

    I'm an artist myself but I'll list a few of my fav artists.

    Jason Limon - http://www.limon-art.com/
    James Jean - http://www.jamesjean.com/
    Matthew Woodson - http://ghostco.org/

  6. i love 1,2,10 and 11. i'm glad you did this post because i just painted my entry wall a beautiful graphite gray color and want to add pops of colorful art. you've given me some ideas...

  7. #6 is totally you. Go for it.
    I also see your style in #9 and #10. I think #2 is your work so definitely include that.

    Just an idea but if you don't want to put holes in your walls you can hang two picture ledges directly over one another and just do a rotating art gallery so you can lean them against the wall and play with the arrangement whenever you like. I know that is "nothing new" but honest to god it is the best thing for people who love to switch things up a lot (designers!).


  8. I would also love to suggest my very own Etsy shop. I make collages out of recycled magazines.


    I got your light blue LOVE print for Christmas (actually I have not seen it yet because it is still at the frame shop) I am thinking about getting another one just like it so that I can put "LOVE, LOVE" over my bed (that is what my husband and I say instead of "I Love You" every night.) Anyway, look at my shop and let me know if you would like to do a trade. :)

  9. this is a cool idea,
    i love:
    and what duo you think about
    colouring the frames in one colour?

    lovely greetings from germany,

  10. I totally know what you mean :)
    Some nice finds...

  11. I love number 6 there!!

  12. i love the two by you! they're just so cute! i tend to love more graphical art rather than fine art (they're great too but too expensive!), i find supermarket always have a good selection. http://supermarkethq.com/browse/paper_print/art
    hope that helps :)

  13. My suggestion would be to add a few personal photographs to the wall as well.. Preferably black and whites...I love to go through old photos at my parents house from my childhood.. blow them up and turn them black and white.. Mixed in with your art work on the wall it will be a perfect combination of your past, present, and inspiration for your future...

    Enjoy creating!

  14. Thanks so much for the links so far....please send more if you have any...anyone else... : )

  15. Holly,
    That sounds pretty cool...it may be an option. I will see how it all looks on the wall first ..because its alot faster to do...then if i don't like ...that's next. : )
    Still searching for art...

  16. Oh, my favorite is your etsy one..."I love you, blogs, and tea". Absolutely adorable.

  17. TO ALL :

    Not a big deal...please go ahead and PROMOTE your Etsy shop here...so I can check it out and see your art. It's what I'm looking for... : )

  18. oh, number one is so pretty, I can't stand it! all great choices - my favorite is by Sugarloop (on Etsy), I have some very sweet pieces form her mixed in with photos on my living room wall.

  19. I've never seen your blogs and tea print before Jen, and I just adore it! Of course it probably helps that I've been sitting here with a mug of tea reading my fave blogs--but hey, if it's true, it's true!

  20. Hi Ms. Jen! I have an award for you on my blog!

  21. Hello City Sage,
    How are ya?
    YES....I just recently launched that little 8x10 print. Its from one of my paintings. :) Its a cute little print to place in your kitchen or office. Being that I am very ADDICTED to TEA lately...i was so inspired. Thanks!

  22. Would love to give some advice, but sadly i am not good in giving advice when it comes to art...

  23. check my blog in a few days...I will be using one of "your" great posters in my post! On Saturday's post. :) cheers

  24. Oh! I can´t decide I love all of them! The number 1 is just amazing!

  25. great choices! i loooove hadley hutton, and number 6 and 9 seem so rock 'n roll like you!

    ive been wanting to buy more art lately. i really want the 2 prints by jennifer sanchez at 20x200... heres one


  26. Hey Erin,
    Thanks for those links....i am digging her work. I've seen it many times before. Hmmmm I may include those next. :)

  27. sweet art!

  28. i loooove no. 3!
    i am in the process of changing frames/their contents myself right now and after having lots of collages in their i'm lusting after some simple and clean lettering and some cute paintings. maybe i'll finally have to order some of your art ;)


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