An Original Vincenzo Rizzo Painting....

Many of you may recall I wrote about Italian Painter, Vincenzo Rizzo back in March. Well, I can now say I own 4 of his original pieces. One of those includes a custom piece he did of me (below).

A blogger friend of mine Tam, from '
Get it Girl Style' blog, is having a GIVEAWAY that includes a painting from Vincenzo's collection !! Click on this link & leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win one of his original paintings from Italy!

(Deadline Saturday 10/17)


  1. this is such a great blog!
    I bet I'll spend hours on here :)

  2. Jen!
    These are fabulous, and the one of you is "spot on"!!!

    xo Laura

  3. I love his work. The painting he did of you is gorgeous. Thanks for the heads-up on the giveaway, jumping over now.
    Have a great day!

  4. Wow what great work! You have 4 now and he did you as well. That is awesome. I love giveaways ~ I'll sign up for the one you posted about. I am having a giveaway myself ~ a complete e-design. I have been itching to do one as a giveaway for a while and n ow its here! Here is the link
    Looking forward to doing it!

  5. Lovely pieces :)

    xx Guilty Hyena

  6. oh cool, definitely going over there.

  7. beautiful paintings. yours, as cliché as it sounds, looks perfect. i'm sure you gonna have it in one of your favourite home spots :)
    thanks Jen for sharing good articles with all of us.

  8. Oh wow - what an honor to have a custom piece of yourself! It's lovely!

  9. Good for YOU for actually supporting the efforts of the artists you love... while they're alive to benefit from it! I'm sure he's greatly appreciative... and he's shown that in a beautiful portrait of you. :)

  10. Loving these art pieces! And the one of you is fabulous:)


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