Special ad rate offer to blog readers.....

(Savings of $90)

The HOLIDAY SEASON is right around the corner, so if you have a shop, this ad is perfect!! It gets you seen just in time for shoppers looking to buy Holiday gifts!!

Take advantage of this 'first time ever' ad offer, before the slots fill up. If interested, please email me at: jen@madebygirl.com

*(buttons must be 120x120 in size)*


  1. That is a great offer! I wish I had something to sell! Maybe once I get my photo business up and running I will advertise with you. Love your site.

  2. I have gourmet candles with no paraffin or chemicals in the wax. www.MiaBellaShop.com

  3. Hi Jennifer!
    I would like to ask you if you did get the fold over zara boots you were looking for in november 2008, featured in le blog de betty! god, I'm so in love with those bootd and cant find them :(
    love from portugal


  4. I have never done an ad before, does that mean 140.00 for the whole 6 months? That sounds like a good deal.
    Do you mind sending me an e-mail to confirm that and is there a link to answer some FAQ?
    Thanks so much.

    I adore you.

  5. MARTA:
    I don't think they sell those anymore....I got lucky I saw them when I did. But you never know someone may be selling theirs on Ebay...but then there is always the issue that it may not be your size.

  6. Thank you.. lucky you that have those boots!!


    I sent you an email... :)Either way, YES, the $140 is for a 6 MONTH ad. :)


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