A Master Closet...(Via Made By Girl)

This weekend/week while I'm away - I'll be bringing you a few closets from other bloggers & readers plus a couple home tours! I may also be blogging directly from NYC with posts of my trip! 

Every time I walk by my closet, I get a peek at my guy's closet...(It's a BIG mess). My guy is now thinking about re-doing his closet & he really loved this one! I have to agree with him, this closet is super neat!!

It isn't the LARGEST closet in the world, but it seems to cover all the bases. Lots of room for shoes, hats, dress shirts, jeans, socks & underwear! Perfect for what my guy needs to store....

Hopefully my guy can keep his closet just as NEAT at this one!

In the meanwhile enjoy this closet via Ferret & Hound

This one was done with MDF mostly, but you should read the rest of the DIY here, pretty IMPRESSIVE! Enjoy!  

 -images via ferret and hound


  1. I never seen a guys closet this organized and with so many shoes...wow!
    Have a nice weekend
    Maria(from the Netherlands)

  2. love the wire baskets, very masculine, I'll be looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  3. love the wire baskets, very masculine, looking forward to hearing about your NY trip

  4. it's really cool! I wish I had the space to make myself one, I do prefer yours tough, I like the chic touch to it.

  5. These closets are so amazing!!! I can never keep my closet neat too but if I had these closets maybe I could try haha! :)

    <3 Belly B

  6. MDF for a closet is fine by me:)
    Very nice closet & although small its not closed in with a door. Also, am I the only one that doesn't keep my shoes near my clothes...I'm always worried that the closet will smell (not that I have smelly feet but shoes tend to have a scent LOL)

  7. That is one INCREDIBLY neat and organized mans closet!! Wish they could all be like that!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  8. Yes, I agree! This is a great closet even for a girl. I'll take it! My closet is very small....:( Have fun in NYC! Hopefully I'll be there next year!

  9. Wow...I want that closet! Love all the organization and separate spaces for things! Have a great trip :)


  10. Somehow, I've always had big closets, but never a walk-in. It's basically my life aspiration now to have a closet like this. haha

    Have a splendid trip!

  11. Great men's closet! I totally need to help my hubby with his closet too- it's not too bad, just needs a woman's touch! :)

  12. It does look nice. VERY organized...I wonder how long it stays that way? :)


  13. Ok, i'll say it - i'm envious! a place for everything and so organized!! what a dream! :)

  14. I was thinking exactly what the first comment was thinking! ...that is a really nice closet especially because it belongs to a guy

  15. My husband could definitely use a closet like that! I'll have to remember this when we get out of our rental!


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